The First Birthday Party

The day before Dylan’s birthday we had a party to celebrate his first year.  Since it was the weekend after Cinco de Mayo, we kept the celebration going into the weekend with a Cinco de Mayo theme.


Dylan had friends of all ages come to celebrate with us.


We just celebrated this little cutie’s 1st birthday a month earlier.

IMG_6418ed IMG_6420ed

After everyone ate and the kids got some good playtime in, it was time for cake!

IMG_6436ed IMG_6442ed IMG_6445ed IMG_6447ed

Dylan didn’t quite know what to do with the cake, so big brother got him started by showing him how to properly eat the frosting with your fingers.

IMG_6455ed IMG_6468ed

Once he got the hang of it, he decided he liked it.

IMG_6482ed IMG_6493ed

Then he figured out how to pick it up, and shove it directly into his face.

IMG_6499ed IMG_6502ed IMG_6515ed


Some of the kids made it in the group photo

IMG_6526ed IMG_6520ed

And it wouldn’t be a kids Cinco de Mayo party without a Pinata!  Thanks to one of my girlfriends we had the ultimate giant Pinata, it was almost adult sized!


The birthday boy got the first swing

IMG_6540ed IMG_6545ed IMG_6546ed

Then all the kids had a few rounds starting with the little ones

IMG_6535ed IMG_6557ed IMG_6570ed

And big brother got his turn


I love the kids cheering in the background!

IMG_6616ed IMG_6618ed

And you can tell this girl knows her way around a Pinata by the looks of determination on her face!

IMG_6601ed IMG_6606ed

IMG_6578ed IMG_6593ed IMG_6599ed

And the kid who plays T-Ball is the one who finally got the job done!

IMG_6656ed IMG_6627ed IMG_6630ed IMG_6644ed


A happy Birthday Boy!

IMG_6665ed IMG_6663ed

All the kids (and adults) had a great time.  We are so thankful to those who came to celebrate with us. When the party was over Dylan couldn’t go to bed without opening his presents, with lots of help from his brother of course!

IMG_6682ed IMG_6688ed IMG_6700ed IMG_6713ed

I’d say it was a successful first birthday and looking forward to all the birthday parties to come!









Month 12

And just like that…Dylan turned one!  The month of May has been a crazy, fun filled month and I have LOTS to share.  But first, lets finish up the weekly photos.

This little guy is a true snuggler (is that a word?)  He loves to give hugs, and I mean full on arms wrapped around your neck, his cheek squished up against yours and squeezing as hard as he can.  When Justin gets home from work, Dylan is not happy until Justin picks him up so Dylan can give him a proper hug!

His independence is in full force.  If I prepare food for him (cut it up or try to feed him myself), he refuses to eat it.  But if I simply just put it down in front of him he will chow down.  And it is forbidden to try to feed him anything other than what his brother is eating, I’m sure if he was close enough to Jacob while eating he would just grab his plate out from underneath him.  He also prefers to brush his own hair, wash his own face and uses his body to lean, nudge and point to where he wants you to go when holding him.

Along with his independence, his determination and stubbornness have arrived too.  He is ALOT noisier than his brother was.  It was very easy (and sometimes still is) to distract Jacob from something, and he would just go with the flow.  Dylan on the other hand is more stubborn, if you try to distract him from something his determination and noise level get stronger and louder and he puts up more of a fight.   I guess he has two extremes, a loving snuggler to a determined go getter!

When he has a cup in his hand and sees someone else drinking something he repeatedly needs to toast them and “do Cheers!”  He loves to play with a toy (or real) phone and pretend he’s talking to someone.  His favorite place to be is outside and is always pointing out the window or banging on the door to tell us he wants to go out to play.  His walking skills are improving every day.  And because of that, he has now figured out how to open and close the doors, which is his favorite thing to do while playing in the bedrooms, open the door, close the door, open the door, close the door, over and over and over again.  It makes me cringe every time because I keep imaging those little fingers getting smashed.

Here are the last of the weekly photos

Week 49 – We had a pretty nasty virus come through our house and affected all of us (except daddy) for a couple of weeks.  Poor guy was not feeling well this week.

Dylan 49 wksWeek 50 – back to his smiley self!

Dylan 50 wks

Week 51

Dylan 51 wks

Week 52

Dylan 52 wks

And that is it for the weekly photos!  Now it’s time for me to get a new couch!

The Dishwasher v.2

Dylan’s favorite thing to help me with these days is unloading the dishwasher.  I remember doing a post about Jacob helping me unload the dishes and when I went back to look for it, I realized it was exactly 2 years ago!  And looking at those pictures of Jacob when he was so little was a fun trip down memory lane.  Now, 2 years later, I have a new little helper.

No matter where he is in the house, when I open the dishwasher, he hears the click and immediately makes his way into the kitchen.

IMG_5627ed IMG_5637ed

And starts unloading things,


and working on trying to get the bigger objects through the small spaces in the rack.


And he does it all with a smile!

IMG_5648ed IMG_6126ed

Sometimes he finds some unique, interesting objects


‘So mom, what do you call this thing?’


Ahhhh, this whisk will keep me entertained for a while!


The top rack is always a bit challenging, since it is not easy for him to reach from the ground.


His solution….just climb on up!


Pretty sure appliance companies could use this picture as an example of what NOT to do to your dishwasher.


Soon I need to start teaching him where everything goes so he can actually put stuff away for me!

First Haircut

There is something about giving a baby a haircut that suddenly makes them look older.  With both boys I dreaded cutting their hair in an attempt to keep the baby look for as long as I could.  Jacob was 15 months old when he got his first real haircut, I finally gave in after people started mistaking him for a girl!  Since he was born, Dylan has had little trims around the front and his ears to keep it out of his face, but not a real haircut.  He has more hair than Jacob did at this age and it is darker.  It was getting long in the back and it was starting to do the side flip thing.  So I gave in and decided it was time to cut his hair.  A few days later my mom came to visit, after breakfast one morning we took Dylan’s highchair outside and armed with a spray bottle, comb, scissors, things to keep Dylan distracted and of course me with the camera. Dylan got his first haircut.


Not to be left out of the fun, Jacob wanted to help, so he decided he would be in charge of the spray bottle.


And by helping in his mind, means spraying and saturating anything and everything with water, including grandma.


Then he moved onto Dylan’s feet.


Grandma had her work cut out for her trying to cut a squirmy baby’s hair who was getting his feet tickled by all the sprays from the water bottle.


Slowly Dylan started looking a little less babyish and more little boyish.

IMG_6035ed IMG_6047ed

Thank you grandma for doing a great job!



The Blue Park

One thing that I really do miss about our old neighborhood is all the parks.  We lived within walking distance of several playgrounds and lots of big grassy fields/soccer fields/baseball fields, etc…Our walks to the park and letting Jacob run around with a ball on the fields, was such a big part of our daily life.  There was one playground that was Jacob’s favorite, I actually did a post on it.  We called it the Blue Park since the ground was a blue padded/squishy rubber, and most of the equipment was blue.  We spent a lot of time there.  On our last day when we moved out of our condo, we stopped at the Blue Park to let Jacob play one last time, before heading to the new house.  Every once in a while when I say we are going to the park, Jacob asks if we are going to the Blue Park, and still talks about it often.

In March, Jacob had a dentist appointment, and his dentist office is in our old neighborhood.  When we were finished with the appointment, I told Jacob I had a surprise for him, and I started driving towards the Blue Park.  When we got closer and closer, I could see on Jacob’s face that he recognized the neighborhood and from his excitement I knew that he knew where we were going.

It tugs on my heartstrings to see how much he has grown since we were here last (almost a year ago).

IMG_5676ed IMG_5683ed

He can tackle things with ease now that were a little too difficult for him before.

IMG_5689ed IMG_5747ed

And it was fun seeing him show Dylan around his favorite park.

IMG_5749ed IMG_5730ed IMG_5731ed IMG_5737ed IMG_5744ed

And it is fun to see Dylan doing the things that Jacob did when he was a baby.

IMG_5702ed IMG_5712ed IMG_5714ed IMG_5718ed

Dylan really liked the swings at this park

IMG_5665ed IMG_5760ed

Jacob did swing for a little bit


But he would much rather climb

IMG_5759ed IMG_5767ed

Such a big boy now!


It is these moments, that I am SO thankful for this blog, these pictures and memories. When I start to feel overwhelmed with how far behind I am, or the pictures and stories that never made it on here, I remember the trips down memory lane when I look back on an old post and the happiness/sense of accomplishment I feel when I get a new post done. It also shows me how much I have grown as a mother.  When I read back on the first post I did about this park and I came to this sentence, “This particular day was a Saturday morning, there is no way I could take pictures and chase Jacob around the park by myself, so we had daddy with us.” I had to laugh.  Now that I am used to the juggling act that two kids entails, bringing my camera along at the park (by myself) didn’t seem like a big deal.  At times, it was a bit challenging and I always had to make sure Dylan was in a safe place when I was focusing on Jacob, but it is possible.  To me, remembering old memories and creating new ones is more precious than anything, and I am so blessed to have my little family to do that with.


One day Jacob found his SpiderMan costume in a pile of things that I was getting ready to put away in the attic.  He asked me to help him put it on and despite the fact that it was too small for him, he wore it all day long.  Then the next day when it came time to get dressed, he requested his SpiderMan costume again, and the next day and the next…and so it began.

He did everything in his costume. He ate his meals as SpiderMan, ran around the house and outside as SpiderMan, played his drums as SpiderMan


He wore it on our evening walks on the golf course


SpiderMan practices good dental hygiene


Jacob basically was living his life as SpiderMan.


A really fun time was when we went to the grocery store.  I wish I had someone to videotape that experience.  EVERYONE was smiling and commenting on and high fiving Jacob, it made for a fun shopping experience.

This went on for quite some time and the costume was getting a bit beat up. I started telling him it was dirty and I had to wash it every time he asked to put it on (I know the experienced parents reading this know exactly what happened to it)…But the hat part was fine, so he continued to wear it.


IMG_1510ed IMG_1513ed

Doesn’t matter where we were going, or what we were doing, there was always a little part of SpiderMan with us.  From reading the news with daddy on Saturday morning


to going to the dentist to get his teeth cleaned (told you SpiderMan has good dental hygiene!)


And my absolute favorite thing was when I asked him what SpiderMan says, he would make the hand motions like SpiderMan does when he shoots the webs from his hands and say “I love you!” since it is also like the sign for I love you.


Makes my heart melt!

Month 11

I can’t believe how close we are to Dylan’s first birthday!  This little guy is such a snuggler! After picking him up, he will often lay his head down on your shoulder or against your cheek.  If you are sitting down he will come over and pull himself up and lay his head down in your lap. Or if he is just playing on the ground he will all of a sudden lay down and snuggle with the carpet.


Dylan loves playing with us, but is also very content on playing alone for a few minutes.  One of his favorite things to do is push a car across the floor and around in circles.  He loves pulling all the books out of his book bin and turning the pages and looking at them.  That’s when I start feeling bad that I don’t read to him as much.  So I’ve been trying to be better about that.  His favorite book right now is “Where’s Spot?”  Every time he lifts the flap to open the door, closet, clock, etc…he shakes his head to say nooooo.  And a few times I’ve caught Jake reading the book to him, that alone makes all the difficult times in parenting so worth it.

He is tearing all over the house with his walker and getting braver about letting go and standing for a few seconds before sitting down.  Between crawling, his walker and cruising around on furniture, this kid gets around, fast!


I often look at him in amazement. He is such a big boy, not only in size, but in maturity, the way he acts and the things he does.  I know having an older sibling has a lot to do with that.  It is fun to see Dylan try to keep up with Jake and see them play together, but a part of me misses my little baby.  Jake has a workbench under the window in his bedroom and when he knows someone is coming over, or daddy’s on his way home, or when he wants to be nosy, he stands ontop of the workbench and watches the cars drive by and waits for whoever he’s looking for. I call him the Neighborhood Watch!   Now whenever he gets up there Dylan starts fussing and reaching up to me so I will lift him up and stand him next to Jake. And they giggle and bang on the window and push cars along the windowstill together.  As I stand back (spotting Dylan) I am shaking my head at the two boys and it is during those moments I have to keep reminding myself that he is not even a year old yet!


Here are his weekly photos

Week 44

Dylan 44 wks

Week 45 – showing us his serious side

Dylan 45 wks

Week 46

Dylan 46 wks

Week 47

Dylan 47 wks

Week 48 – It’s a good thing we are almost done with these weekly pictures, because it is getting more and more difficult to keep him still, he would much rather launch himself forward off the couch.

Dylan 48 wks

Ranch Style Photos

In February we were back at the Broken Branch Ranch. And every once in a while we do a little photo shoot to try and get some cute pictures of the boys around the ranch and with Grandma and Grandpa. The main focus this time was on Dylan, mainly because a certain 3 year old is not too keen on sitting still and smiling for the camera. We also were trying to recreate something similar to our favorite “cowboy” picture of Jacob when he was 8 months old.  Since Dylan is a little older than Jacob was, it was harder to keep him still, but I think we got some good ones. There’s not a whole lot of story to tell here, just heavy on the picture side…

First we loaded up the props in the wagon.


Then while we were waiting for the guys to bring the bales of hay I started snapping away at Grandma and Dylan

IMG_5113ed IMG_5121ed IMG_5136ed

Then Dylan was ready for his close up

IMG_5166ed IMG_5266ed IMG_5277ed

When Grandma and Grandpa joined in, Dylan could not take his eyes off Grandpa.  He loves Grandpa’s deep laugh and in every single picture I took he is smiling at him.


Then we tried to get one with both boys and we ended up with more outtakes.  But they are still fun pictures to have, that show the general craziness of two boys.


This is what we get if we ask Jacob to smile or laugh for the camera (and again Dylan was focused on Grandpa laughing)

IMG_5220ed IMG_5224ed

This would have been a good one if Dylan had been smiling, but I think he was over it at this point.


Dylan was tired of sitting and being held, so we let him stand up and play on the bales of hay


and he was sampling the goods

IMG_5327ed IMG_5330ed IMG_5339ed IMG_5338ed

Then we went for a ride in the wagon

IMG_5369ed IMG_5372ed

Which led us to the horses


And that is usually where you can find this guy hard at work


I love some of the facial expressions I get, he takes his jobs seriously! I can just hear his voice in his head saying “Don’t mess with me mama, I’m busy!”

IMG_5435ed IMG_5438ed

Once his legs get a little longer he will be tearing all over the ranch in this thing, he knows exactly how to drive it, but he can’t quite reach.

IMG_5452ed IMG_5460ed

After my dad saddled up Thunder the two of them went for a a little ride

IMG_5448ed IMG_5472ed IMG_5475ed

When they were finished, Jake goes right to the bin with the horse treats to fill up his pockets with treats to give the horses.

IMG_5445ed IMG_5441ed

Mission accomplished!


Wish he was this passionate about doing chores at home!

New Beginnings

Justin’s parents recently moved.  Same town, different house.  They bought a triplex in a great location nearby shopping and restaurants.  So they have been busy fixing them up, moving into one and getting the others rented.  In February, when the dust settled a bit on their renovation, we made a trip out with the boys to spend time with them. Papa J, daddy and Jacob kept busy doing little projects around the property.  There were golf cart rides, a trip to the Children’s Museum, a walk down the street to an old car show and swimming in the pool.

My favorite times during these trips are the family dinners.  Papa J is a pretty great cook and the food is guaranteed to be good,


but I really enjoy the time just relaxing, letting the kids play and talking with everyone.  I’ve been feeling bad since I don’t have many pictures of Dylan with the family (second kid syndrome, I know…) so this was the perfect time to get out my camera.

IMG_5013ed IMG_5025ed IMG_5035ed

Snuggles with GG

IMG_5051ed IMG_5059ed

We are very happy for Papa J and Nonnie and their new beginning.


At the end of our trip, Justin and I got away with my dad for a while to drive out to Whitewater.  We’ve been trying to find materials for our fireplace hearthstone and we finally found it!


Some day I will get a blog up about our remodel/move, someday…

Frisco Thanksgiving

Yes, I know it is the end of March…As I’ve said before I am trying to go back and blog the pictures I never posted.  So in the current sunny springtime, let’s go back to chilly November and revisit Thanksgiving!

This year, Justin’s cousin Lisa and her family hosted Thanksgiving. We had a few minutes before we needed to leave and since I am always behind the camera, and have very few pictures of me with the boys, I asked Justin to take a picture of us. It is NOT easy getting them both to look at the camera and smile, I think he did a pretty good job!


Lisa’s parents were in town from Kentucky and none of them had met Dylan yet, so it was a fun day of them meeting the littlest Frisco boy.


I love this one 🙂


We had so much amazing food and enjoyed time catching up with family.

IMG_4518ed IMG_4586ed IMG_4582ed

The best part for me was the built in babysitters!  Lisa and her husband have 6 kids who love playing with babies/younger kids.  I feel like I hardly saw Jacob the entire day.  He was busy playing all their musical instruments


They took him outside with them to play football


And Dylan took a nice long nap when it came time to eat, so I actually got to enjoy a warm Thanksgiving dinner!


We are so thankful for the blessing of family and love spending time with them!