Halloween 2018

(October 2018)

With Jacob being in school full time now, we didn’t have much time to do all the fun pumpkin patch activities we usually do every year. So on a Saturday before Halloween we all went to the local pumpkin patch.  The boys fed the goats and we got lost in the Corn Maze before choosing a couple pumpkins to take home.

Keeping up with tradition, the boys changed into some old Halloween costumes to carve the pumpkins in.  This year we had Darth Vader and a Storm trooper.

Then we got started

Cleaning out the insides is never a favorite…

And Jacob was being very helpful with his brother

And then quickly became the supervisor

Finally getting the last of the insides out!

Time to carve!

They told daddy they wanted a scary one and a SUPER scary one.  Once they approved daddy’s drawings, they watched him sketch it out on the pumpkin.

And I got out paint so they could decorate the smaller pumpkins we had.

And of course Penny wanted in on the fun too

Then they changed into their costumes for this year.  And immediately went into action calling for backup to help keep the dog from chewing on the pumpkins.

And these may look like some simple firefighter costumes, but I assure you they are not… here is a little backstory.  My nephew is a fire fighter in the Air Force, so they’ve always called him a fire fighter soldier, and they also wanted to be an astronaut.  Thanks to Amazon, I ordered an Air Force patch and a NASA patch and sewed them onto their fire fighter jackets.  So here are my “Fire Fighter Soldier/Astronauts” with their scary and SUPER scary pumpkins.

They took their role seriously!

My cousin is also a local fire fighter, and the boys have really enjoyed visiting him at the fire house a few times.  So to complete the costumes I called him to find out where I could get some SDFD shirts.

And extra credit points to those of you who noticed that Jacob’s pants were on backwards!

A couple days later on Halloween, I went with Jacob’s class on a field trip to Bates Nut Farm. That evening, Tante Heidi and Uncle Andy came over for a pizza dinner before we met up with neighborhood friends to go trick and treating.

So thankful for all these cute, silly neighborhood friends!