School Days

(August 2018)

We had SUCH a fun summer.  It was filled with LOTS of pool time, weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) trips to the beach, Vacation Bible School, Lego Camp, and plenty of time spent with friends.  And then, just like that, summer was over…Usually, I am ready for the boys to start school and get back on a regular routine, but this year I was not.  I don’t know if it was because we were having so much fun, or if I was just not ready for Jacob to start Kindergarten, or both.

I know Jacob was ready for Kindergarten, he loves being around his friends and learning new things.  And even though I had 5 years with him at home with me, I wasn’t ready to send him to school 5 days a week.  The beauty of preschool was he got to have time at school to learn and be with friends and I got a little break, but it was only a few mornings a week and the rest of the time we had together to play, go on adventures, etc…yes, there were lots of frustrations and struggles during that time.  But there were more fun experiences and snuggles and now that he is at school full time it has really made me realize how precious the last 5 years really were.

So leading up to school starting, it was all everybody was talking about and Jacob was excited.

He was especially excited to be going to the BIG kid school where a lot of our other friends and neighbors go.  One of them started Kindergarten with Jacob as well.

And when it came time to go into the classroom, we found Jacob’s desk and got settled in to listen to a little welcome from his teacher.

Then when it came time for the parents to leave, that is when Jacob surprised me and he wouldn’t let go of me and kept asking me to stay with him.  I was not expecting that from him at all.  Of course my heart shattered in a million pieces and after I peeled myself away from him, I was able to hold it together until I got to my car where I let the tears flow.

After that first day, there was no more reluctance, but he did want me to walk him onto the playground the first week, which I gladly did.  Then he realized how much fun the car drop off is, especially since it was quicker and would give him more time to play on the playground before school starts.  So now it is a drive by, with a quick kiss while calling out to his friends from the window and drop off in front of the playground.  He has found his new groove, made lots of new friends and enjoys playing with his old friends.  We all really like his teacher and I love hearing all the stories and things he tells me about school.  One thing I was a little “worried” about was Jacob having to eat his lunch at the nut free table. Since he is a social butterfly, I knew he would want to eat with his friends.  After picking him up on the first day, the first thing he told me was his friend that he made at Vacation Bible School over the summer also has nut allergies and sits at the nut free table with him, and he was SO excited about that! And since then he has made friends with the other boy who sits with them as well.

Jacob is at a really fun age right now and I do miss him while he is at school.  But I love all that he is learning and I love that he is reading books to me before bed at night and I love the questions he asks and I love when he surprises me with the things that he knows.  And I am excited to see what these next few elementary years will bring.

Even though Jacob is at school all day, I still have Dylan at home with me.  He started his first day of 3 year old preschool the same day Jacob started Kindergarten.  He was so excited that daddy was taking him to school in his “fast car”.

Since this was his second year at his school, he had no problem easing into his new classroom and is really enjoying his time there.  I have definitely seen his independence and confidence grow in the last few months.  I think he is finding his place as his own individual at school instead of as Jacob’s little brother.  He has some new friends as well as old ones in his class. I love the bible stories he tells me when I pick him up and I love when I ask him what he made that day he tells me it is a surprise and will show me when we get home.  And on the days he does not have school, I love that he is always willing to run errands with me and when I call him my little sidekick, he giggles and says “Noooooo, I’m Dylan.”

I can’t believe how fast these monkeys are growing!

After picking them up on the first day, we went out for frozen yogurt to celebrate!

And since we are already a few months into the school year I have their school pictures to share.

And I have no idea how they got my kid to do this pose!

And even though the summer tans have faded and we miss the beach and the “lazy” summer schedule, I know it’s going to be a great year!

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  1. What a great post, Michelle! I can’t believe how old they are, but it’s no surprise they’re doing so well, and enjoying life so much. I had to laugh about the Dylan’s pose. Sometimes, I’m not sure what photographers are thinking, like he’s he sat like that in his whole life! You and Justin are such great parents and it shows in your boys! Love you and miss you!

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