Month 9

Since crawling around was not so new anymore, Dylan decided it was time to start pulling himself up to a standing position.  And he is SO proud of himself 🙂


Now that he is so mobile, he is not happy sitting in the stroller while Jacob is playing on the playground when we go to the park.  So Jacob has been busy teaching Dylan the tricks to going down the slides

IMG_1092ed IMG_1176ed

and the swings

IMG_1179ed IMG_1180ed

And at home…Dylan prefers to play with Jacob’s toys while Jacob prefers to play with Dylan’s toys.  Sometimes, just sometimes…they do play well together.  Like chasing each other through the tunnels.


At his 9 month check up, his pediatrician was impressed with how much he has grown. Since his last check up at 6 months he grew 3 inches and is now 30 inches long (96th percentile!) and gained 2.5 lbs which puts him at 21.6 lbs (80th percentile).  And his head circumference is 17 3/4 inches (50th percentile).  We are blessed with another healthy boy who is growing like a weed!  This month we made the transition to his 18 month clothes, one of these days he will catch up with Jacob I’m sure!  Both of his upper front teeth came in this month as well, which now gives him a total of 4 teeth.

Here are his weekly photos

Week 36

Dylan 36 wks

Week 37

Dylan 37 wks

Week 38

Dylan 38 wks

Week 39- This week it was a bit of a challenge to get a picture done!  Dylan was being a goofball and all he wanted to do was chew on his sticker…



What?? You want me to put my hands down and smile for the camera?  He he he, silly mommy…


How about I try and rip the sticker off instead so you can’t see how many months I am…


You still want me to put my hands down??  Okay…Simon says grab your ears!


Nah…back to the sticker, it tastes so good!



The first week of January, after we got the house cleaned up from Christmas, we got out the birthday decorations to celebrate Jacob’s 3rd birthday!

Jacob was born on a rainy day, so it was appropriate that the week of his birthday we had a pretty wild storm come through town.  Over a span of 5 days we had rain, flash floods, thunder/lightning, a tornado warning, a power outage and an earthquake! For people who are spoiled with San Diego’s perfect 70 degrees and sunny weather, it made for an exciting week! Jacob was so happy to use his new umbrella and rain boots


and I felt like I was glued to the window for days watching it all unfold!  This crazy birthday week weather also confirmed my suspicion that this is going to be a wild year navigating life with a “threenager”.

On his birthday we had a trip planned to go visit the local fire department since every time we drive by he looks to see if the garage door is open. If it is not, he says “it’s closed, that means there’s not an emergency and the fire trucks are sleeping.”  If it is open, he is thrilled to see the trucks and yells “They’re awake! They’re awake!” However, due to the flash floods and thunder and lightning I decided it would be best to stay home rather than driving through the mess, and they were busy enough during the storm.  That night after  daddy got home from work we had a giant cupcake to celebrate his birthday and he sang along with us when we sang Happy Birthday to him.

IMG_4896ed IMG_4906ed



The next day at school, he had cookies with his class to celebrate his birthday again.  And that weekend we had a Thomas the Train themed party with some of Jacob’s friends!  When looking online for a bakery, I discovered the bakery that did our wedding cake has their main location nearby.  So that was an easy choice for his cake.  I’m not really big on birthday cake, but this one was GOOD!

IMG_0992ed IMG_0995ed

Not all the kids made it into this picture, but I love seeing these kiddos together and it will be fun to look back on these pictures when they are older.


He also had his three year check up with our pediatrician.  We addressed the peanut allergy again and his blood test results came back a 2 on a scale of 0-6.  It is a low number, but there is an allergy there, so we have an appointment to visit my old office do do some more testing.  Otherwise, he is a very healthy boy who now weighs 30.9 lbs and is 37.5 inches (a little over 3 feet) tall.

It was a fun week celebrating our cute, rambunctious, stubborn, frustrating, smart and sweet 3 year old!  To close this post, here is Jacob’s 3 year old picture with the giraffe and elephant.



Month 8

The month (December) leading up to his 8 month birthday was a lot of fun and full of more firsts.  As I predicted, a few weeks before the end of the year, Dylan started his version of crawling.  He starts out on his hands and knees, then flattens himself on the ground and does the army crawl to get where he wants to go, then gets back on his hands and knees to get into a sitting position.  His favorite place to crawl is into Jacobs room.  Even though he has his toys spread out in his room, our bedroom and the living room, he prefers to play with his brothers toys.

He always has and continues to love his bath, especially when big brother jumps in to “help”!


He has been babbling and making noises for a while, but now his babbling is starting to form with consonants and vowels.  Ba, ba, ba and ma, ma, ma are the most common things he says right now.  I am really trying to work with him to say Momma first 🙂 so ma, ma, ma has been on repeat.  And every time he says it, Jacob looks at me and says “Hey, Dylan’s saying Momma!”


The previous month he started sleeping nice 11 hour stretches at night, however, we all got really sick with a nasty cold for several weeks.  So our nighttime sleep was interrupted with stuffy noses, coughs and a lot of late night cuddles. And just when we all recovered from the cold, Dylan kept things interesting by popping out his first tooth on New Years Eve (at 34 wks)! So he started 2016 as an almost 8 month old sporting his lower left front tooth.  Then the following week (35 wks) when he turned 8 months old, he popped out the lower right front tooth. It was a rough couple of teething weeks.


Throughout it all he remained our smiley, happy little guy!


Here’s are this month’s weekly photos.

Week 31

Dylan 31 wks

Week 32

Dylan 32 wks

Week 33

Dylan 33 wks

Week 34

Dylan 34 wks

Week 35

Dylan 35 wks

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, Jacob was up before the sun as usual.  And he was excited to see that Santa had come!


First order of business was playing with the train…I love this new tradition! Every year we plan to add to the train, track and even start building a village around it.  I have a feeling it will be a favorite among both our boys for many, many years.  Thanks Papa J for getting us started!


Then he tested out his new tricycle…


Then the party got rockin’ when Tante Heidi, Uncle Andy and Cousin Matt showed up with Oma and a drum set!


Jacob was so excited!  He helped Matt unpack the box and anxiously waited (while counting off with the drumsticks) while Matt put the drums together.

IMG_0716ed IMG_0725ed

Thanks Matt!!


Then we had brunch and just visited for a while.

IMG_0723ed IMG_0772ed IMG_0746ed IMG_0783ed

Then we opened presents, Jacob liked playing Santa as I told him who to give the presents to. No one took any pictures while we were opening presents, but Papa J and Nonnie got a selfie stick, so that called for a (blurry) group photo!


And there was one last present for Jacob and Dylan.  Although Dylan is a bit too young to ride it, Jacob hopped right on and started riding in circles around the house.  This is seriously the best gift for a toddler, we love it and I wish I had the adult sized one for myself!


I have this great picture of Jacob with his two great grandmothers at Christmas last year and was hoping to recreate the picture with both boys this year.  However Jacob is not all that cooperative when taking a picture these days, so we got one with Dylan.


That afternoon we took a nice walk to the resort down the street from our house to look at the decorations and warmed up with a cup of coffee before heading home to make dinner.  This was such a fun Christmas since Jacob really got into it this year and understood what was going on.  I know the next couple of years will be even better with Dylan getting older.  It all happened so fast and we did so much, but truly loved having everyone over to celebrate the season!


I leave my decorations up until after New Years, so the boys had a few more days to play with the train before putting it away.

IMG_0819ed IMG_0830ed

And to wrap up all the Christmas stuff, here is our silly family photo. I love this for a couple of reasons, I got Jacob involved and had him help me set up the camera on the tripod and talked to him about what we were going to do so he was excited (and cooperative) to look at the pictures on the camera after we took them, so he actually stayed still and smiled!  Secondly, I love how Dylan is looking at Jacob, he truly is Dylan’s favorite person, I hope that feeling lasts forever!


Merry Christmas!

The Season

We are still alive (barely) over here.  I am slowly but surely trying to get a little more caught up on the blog, so lets go back in time and rediscover Christmastime 🙂

Christmas is my favorite time of year.  Yes, it gets crazy and chaotic, but it is a good kind of crazy.  It’s not only the actual day of Christmas that I love, it is the entire season.  We did all kinds of fun things to celebrate the season and to prepare for Christmas at our house.  I wish I could say that I had my camera out at the ready and was taking all these wonderful photos to document the season…however, with two small children, time is not my friend.  And the time and effort that goes into taking those beautiful, creative photos with the perfect lighting and setting just didn’t happen for me this year.  But it doesn’t mean I didn’t whip out my iPhone to snap away, so I do have pictures to share.

First off, baking!  For as long as I can remember, my grandma has always made an old family recipe for pecan sweet rolls that we would have on Christmas morning.  When my grandparents moved out of their house into their retirement community, they didn’t have the kitchen capacity to make them any more and it really was too much work for her to do at that point anyway.  That first Christmas after they moved, it dawned on me that she wouldn’t be making the sweet rolls and I couldn’t let that tradition stop!  So I called her and told her to email me the recipe and I went to Costco to buy a mixer with a dough hook and ever since then I’ve been making the rolls for our Christmas morning.  The past few years, my mom has come to help (especially once the kids started showing up!)  It is an all day process and they are so worth the work.  This year my grandma (Oma) came over to visit with us while we made the rolls.   It was a bit of a chaotic day juggling, making the rolls, taking care of the kids and Oma and making lunch, keeping the kids entertained, etc… but we got it done and Oma really enjoyed the day with us and it made for some fun memories!

IMG_0554ed IMG_0556ed

A few days later, the boys helped me make cookies.  I love how Dylan is just plain happy to be a part of anything we are doing, especially if his favorite person (Jake) is involved.  Jake is really good at using the cookie cutters, and he is even better at eating the cookie dough!


This year we experienced another parenting “first” when watching Jacob in his preschool Christmas Program.  His class is the youngest, so they were only onstage for about 7 minutes and they sang “Go Tell it on the Mountain” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, then they came back onstage for the grand finale.  Even though Jacob knows the words to the songs he pretty much just waved his star around and searched the audience for us.  I could tell when he found Grandma since his face lit up and he started waving back to her.


It was pretty cute, he had a lot of fun and we are proud of him for going up on the stage in front of all those people!


We had my family Christmas party at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. Jacob loved playing with the new trains he got.


And Dylan was a real life doll for his girl cousins.  They were completely enamored with him and he loved the attention!


That night we drove to my parents cabin with plans of staying a few nights and going to Wildlights at the Living Desert in Palm Desert like we did the year before.  However, we all got sick…miserably sick.  So we took it easy for a day before heading home.  It was too cold and windy to work outside with a cold, so Jake and grandpa watched the National Finals Rodeo on TV


and we gave Dylan a warm bath, hoping it would help with his congestion.  Even when he’s sick, he’s my smiley happy boy!


We were all so congested and plugged up, we could not hear anything.  The pressure from driving over the mountain really bothered the boys and they cried the entire way home.  It was a long drive.  And the cold lasted a long time, but we finally got better. And we kept celebrating the season…

Growing up my mom sang in the choir and they would always sing at the community Christmas tree lighting ceremonies, or Christmas programs or some other kind of Christmas event.  I remember going to many of those events with my dad to watch my mom.  There was something magical about the music, lights, hot chocolate and bundling up on a cold night.  Now we are still enjoying these community events, but with the added bonus of seeing it all through our kids eyes.  The first one we went to was at the Bernardo Winery.  They had a great train village set up and Jacob could have spent the entire night there!  Every time we would go do something else, he kept saying he wanted to go back to the trains, so we made several trips there.  We had some amazing food from the food trucks they had, but the wait was ridiculous, thankfully we had the train village to entertain Jake while we waited for the food!  This year Jacob really started understanding the concept of Santa Claus. So while we were waiting in line to see Santa (he hadn’t arrived yet), we were talking to Jacob about Santa being on his way and how we were going to sit on his lap and tell him what we wanted for Christmas, etc… Jacob was excited!  He kept watching the sky and waiting to see Santa in his sleigh with his reindeer.


And when Santa did arrive Jacob was starstruck to see him in real life!  While we got closer and closer in line, he watched all the other kids sit on his lap and take their picture with Santa, however, when it came his turn…he wanted nothing to do with it! But Dylan didn’t mind at all.


So then we thought if we did the family photo, Jake would be more comfortable, but he wouldn’t leave his daddy’s arms.


A few nights later we got together with some of our neighbors and went to the Christmas festivities at the Rancho Bernardo Inn.  They had carolers that Jacob loved listening to, they had a giant gingerbread house, beautiful decorations, a fun lighting show/display complete with fake snow and again Santa Claus.  This time we were able to convince Jacob to at least stand by Santa, I told him that Dylan needed him to hold his hand.


Poor Dylan has these crazy cowlicks at the front of his hairline, no matter what I do, it won’t go one way or the other and it’s going to be a battle for him the rest of his life. But with the twinkle in his blue eyes and that big smile I still think he is pretty darn cute regardless of what his hair does 🙂


On Christmas Eve we had family and friends over for a German food feast!  And we went to the Christmas Eve service at our church.  It was a special service singing Christmas songs, watching the adorable kids program and hearing the heartwarming message, which is always a nice reminder of what Christmas is truly about.  Celebrating the birth of our savior is the reason for the season!  And even though I didn’t get photos I wanted to with my camera, we were sick most of the time and Jacob didn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap, it really doesn’t matter, we still had an amazing time with family and friends and created memories to last a lifetime.

For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. – Luke 2:11