Being Jacob

Lately, all I’ve really done is share pictures of Jacob during the events of our lives, but haven’t really talked about him, things that he is doing, his likes, dislikes, etc…He has grown and changed so much in the past 7-8 months, I want to write as much as I can remember.  So I’m forewarning you, this post could get long…

To start with he has gone through two pretty big growth spurts in the last 7 months.  Also right in the middle of our move and Dylan’s arrival his 2 year molars came in (that really was a tough time for everyone!)  His favorite things right now are trains and tractors. He loves his Thomas the Train books and shows, and can tell you all the different types of tractors (bulldozer, excavator, crane, etc…)  Some friends of ours gave use the movie Wall-E (really a cute movie if you haven’t seen it), after watching that movie, Jacob calls any bobcat style tractor he sees Wall-E.  You often can find him in his room lining up all his cars/tractors/trucks/etc…to make a train.

IMG_4397ed IMG_4437ed IMG_4633ed IMG_4660ed

And drums…he LOVES to play the ‘drums and cymbals’ is what he calls it.  And will drum on any surface that makes a cool noise like the wooden seat of our dining room chairs with the cymbals being the metal back rest or the bottom handle of our oven.  He uses his hands as the drumsticks, or if I want him to be a bit on the quieter side I give him straws to use as drumsticks.  Justin downloaded a drum app on his phone that Jacob loves to play.  He also loves watching you tube videos of his cousin drumming over and over and over while imitating his movements.  Makes me wonder if he will follow his cousins footsteps and we have a future rockstar on our hands?

He loves swimming. We spent a lot of time at the pool this summer.

IMG_4629ed IMG_4610ed

There is an amazing app that we have on the iPad that teaches SO much and makes learning fun.  One of the things that Jacob loves to play in the app is about money and it is a game where a monkey is collecting coins and it teaches you how many pennies make a nickle or a dime and how many coins make a quarter and how many quarters make a dollar, etc… So he is always asking to play with our spare change and his piggy bank.  Somehow we never get our spare change back, it stays in the piggy bank, so I guess he is learning about saving money too, that would make his Opa very proud!


Jacob is quite the chatterbox.  His teachers at preschool keep saying how they can’t believe how well he is speaking.  Not just words, but the sentences he says and the amount of words he knows and his clarity makes him so easy to understand.  He is speaking above and beyond the rest of the kids in his class and the teachers love that they can really communicate with him.  What is really cool is sometimes if we can’t understand a word he is trying to say, if he knows the sign for it he will sign it so we can understand him.  The sign language has been such an amazing tool, he rarely signs now, I miss it, and it is so cute to see him sign a word here and there as he is talking.  I truly believe that it had a huge impact on his ability to pick up his verbal communication so easily and quickly.   It was like the floodgates opened and he just exploded with his communication.  He narrates everything for me while I am driving…If we are turning left or right, red light means stop, green light means go, he spells S-T-O-P and says stop at every stop sign,  he gives me a weather report and if it happens to be raining (a rare occasion in San Diego) he will count 1-2-3 GO! for the windshield wipers and they move back and forth.  He will point out every single T (or cross) on churches or hillsides as we drive by.  He gets so excited to see garbage trucks and school buses on the road.  He says “we need gas!” every time we pass a gas station.  He knows the way to certain places that we often go to and will tell me we are going to Target/Lowes/Home Depot/Costco/In N Out/Oma’s house/school (does that give you an idea of what our daily lives are like!)

IMG_5121ed IMG_4870ed

He tells me when we are almost home and while driving down the street we play a game where I ask him is that our house?  Is that our house?  and he giggles and says Nooooo, until we get to our house and he says there’s our house we are home!  And when I back into the driveway he starts saying Beep, Beep, Beep like a big truck backing up.  But he doesn’t just narrate our car rides, he pretty much narrates our life for us.  He will come tell me that daddy is in the shower in the morning, or that he is wearing a tie to go to work (or a golf shirt to go golfing and yes he knows the difference!) And the questions….question after question after question, I know his little mind is working in overdrive absorbing all this information that our big vworld has to offer, but man I never realized that a little human could talk so much!

Everyone has funny stories of things that kids say, and I am starting to gather a few myself.  One time while we were at Lowes, I was ordering blinds and halfway through the process Jacob was getting bored and kept saying to us “No more talking!” the sales guy thought it was pretty hysterical.  Also every time we go to Lowes or Home Depot he loves looking for the forklift machines that move the pallets of merchandise around the stores and calls them the “Beep Beep” because of the beeping noise they make.  One time it had been a while since we were at Home Depot and when he saw it instead of getting all excited like he usually does he simply looked at me and said “…It’s a Beep Beep” like he was imitating a valley girl from the movie Clueless.  It wasn’t what he said it was the way he said it that just left me speechless.  After we moved, we had to remind Jacob every once in a while not to bang his toys or drive his cars on the walls, so one afternoon while Justin was hammering some nails to hang pictures in his room, Jacob started saying “stop banging on MY walls!”  Jacob is my little helper when we go shopping for groceries.  Although the only thing he really reminds me to get these days is beer and wine and chocolate cookies (Oreos).  Once while shopping at Trader Joe’s I grabbed a six pack of Hansen’s and when putting it in the cart Jacob asked me if I was getting beer, the man walking by turned and smiled at us, all I could do was laugh!  There are certain staple items that we get every time we go to Costco, but without fail the only items that Jacob reminds me about until they end up in the cart are beer and wine.  Why are those the things he talks about so loudly in public?? And I promise you we don’t let him drink it!


Along with the talking, also comes the singing.  Jacob loves to sing and will listen to me singing to Dylan when soothing him down for a nap and then ask me to sing the song over and over and over again for him so he can memorize it.  We’ve been singing Jesus loves me after our prayers at bedtime since he was a baby so he has that song down pat.  His other favorites are Hush little baby, don’t say a word, the theme song to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, America the Beautiful, ABC song, Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Often times he will set us up with his Ukulele and his drums and we will dance and make music to go along with the song we are singing.  I told you, future rockstar…

My healthy eater who I couldn’t get enough food into fast enough has become very picky.  One time when my mom was at our house, I made him some roasted carrots, he started eating them and we were so happy he was eating a different kind of vegetable so we were encouraging him and really making it sound like he won the lottery every time he took a bite. My mom said to him “Ohh those are good right, they are nice and sweet”  and he simply looked at my mom and said “no Grandma they’re not sweet, they’re carrots.”  Duh!  We got a good laugh out of that one.  He won’t eat meat (except on some very few occasions I’ve been able to coax him to eat or at a preschool party when all the other kids are), he will eat any kind of fruit, eggs, applesauce, etc… but not the standard kid meals like hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pizza, spaghetti, mac n cheese, so whenever we go somewhere I’m always having to pack something that he will eat.  But like his momma, he does like his sweets!

IMG_4444ed IMG_4520ed IMG_4594ed IMG_4831ed

I thought we were going to get lucky since Jacob seemed to skip over the terrible twos, he had his moments here and there but nothing really worth labeling the terrible twos.  I’ve had so many friends who have told me that the terrific threes are worse than the terrible twos and three months out from Jacob’s third birthday I think I can say that we are entering into the terrific threes. He is testing me to see how far he can push.  He is Mr. I can do it! MY turn! Don’t help me! And will completely loose his mind if you try to do something for him without letting him do it. A few of my “favorites” are…If he asks for milk and I walk into the kitchen to get it for him, he will come running from the other end of the house screaming MY turn, MY turn! And if you have actually already started pouring the milk for him, prepare.for.a.meltdown.  I specifically remember a friend telling me that the most annoying thing about their son during the terrific threes was the whining, and I think about that every day because Jacob has perfected the art of a whine. While driving in the car, from the backseat, he will say on repeat with a whine “Mommy I NEED you, Mommy come here! Mommy hold my hand”  with his arms stretched out reaching for me, begging me to reach back and hold his hand.  If I’m on a slow street or stopped at a signal I’ll reach back give him a squeeze and tell him I love him, but I need my hands to drive the car, and once we get home I’ll hug him and snuggle for as long as he wants.  When we get home I’ll sit down and try to convince him to sit in my lap and he wont.  If I manage to grab him as he runs by he will wiggle and squirm until he breaks free from my grasp. I think part of it is that he has caught on that whenever Dylan cries one of us goes to him, so Jacob thinks that if he adds a whine to whatever he is asking for he will get it.  That has been my struggle these days, I can tolerate a tantrum here and there or his wild and crazy little boy ways but he really tests my patience with his whines.  Here’s to praying I survive this next year with my sanity intact!

All in all, Jacob still continues to be an amazing little boy.  I am so proud of him and so thankful for this incredible human in our life.  He has such a fun personality and when he is not driving me crazy, he is making me laugh with the silly things he comes up with, like using a bucket for a helmet instead of the cool actual helmet that he has.


Or imitating me when I keep saying all I want to do is sit on the couch, put my feet up and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.


And there is so much more, but this post is getting pretty long I am going to end it here and will be back with more. Until then I leave you with this…testing out his rockstar hairstyles 🙂



Summer fun

More catching up here…

I’ve learned that with a two year old, it is better to get out of the house for a few hours rather than try to keep him happy and entertained at home all day long (it is good for mom to get out too!)  Even though it was a really hot and humid summer, it didn’t stop us from going outside and taking advantage of all the fun things there are to do in this wonderful city we live in. So when my mom came to visit in August, we took her to some of our favorite spots.  First up was Lake Poway to feed the ducks.


Even thought it was miserably humid and we were drenched in sweat, it is so worth it to see the pure joy and excitement in Jacob’s face as he turns around and races back to us to get more bread.



Then after a quick “thank you grandma” he runs back to throw the bread into the water.

IMG_3389ed IMG_3394edOver and over and over again…

IMG_3384ed IMG_3401ed IMG_3408ed

Trains have been a big thing in our house lately and Jacob is always asking to go ride the train, more specifically Thomas the Train.  And is always on the lookout when we are driving for train tracks and train crossings.  So we made a special trip to Old Poway Park to “ride the train”.  While daddy and Jacob were buying tickets and standing in line to board the train we were playing around with this blue eyed boy.

IMG_3444ed IMG_3469ed IMG_3473ed

Then it was our turn to ride the train with Jacob, and daddy did his best to get a picture 🙂


On Saturdays they have a nice farmers market, so we wandered around and got some lemonade, sunflowers and looked at all the other goodies.


Then we walked down to the park to find some shade to drink our lemonade, “cool off” for a bit and wave to the train as it went by



you can tell by how miserable Jacob looks in that last picture that humidity was killing us so we packed up and went home to the AC and story time with grandma.

IMG_3505ed IMG_3508ed