Fourth of July

For the past few years it has kind of been a tradition to spend the 4th of July on the Bay with some good friends of ours who live there.  Before we left we took some patriotic pictures of the boys with some flags that Justin bought for Jake to hold while he marches (one of his favorite things to do around the house now).

IMG_2973ed IMG_2972ed

Then we headed to the bay.  It was a fun day of food, games and friends.  If you are a regular on this blog then you will probably recognize Jacob’s friend Kennedy, born only a month apart, these two have shared lots of fun times together over the last two and a half years.  It had been a little while since these two saw each other though and they picked up right where they left off.  They got ahold of some flags and started walking down to the water.  My heart melted when I watched them and I knew I needed to capture this sweet moment.


They just stood there on the sand right where the water came in and waved their flags,


pointed to things out in the water,


discussed something very important,


laughed and marched around,


and they were the cutest all American kids on the beach!


Julia and I took our traditional picture with our newest babies who are 4 months apart.


And here are the boys in their matching camo shorts.


That night after getting the boys in bed, we walked out through our backyard onto the golf course and met up with our friends (who are also now our neighbors) and watched the fireworks. It was pretty cool since we could see two different shows from the comfort of our own home.  Next year I think I may try to master taking good pictures of fireworks…

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