Month Three

Dylan really became more vocal and talkative this month.  He is a smiley, giggly baby who sucks air in when he laughs instead of out, it is so cute!  My mom said I did the same thing.


He is ferociously chewing on his fists, my fingers and anyone’s hands who happen to be nearby.  If you just reach across him to get something he will open his mouth and follow your hand hoping to get something in his mouth.  He’s like a snapping turtle!

He is continuing to grow and gain weight at lightning speed. And unlike his brother did, he really enjoys his tummy time and it amazes me how strong he is.



One day when Dylan was 11 weeks old, after a trip to the grocery store, I had him on the floor for tummy time while I was putting away the groceries and after a few minutes I looked at him and he was on his back.  So I flipped him over onto his tummy again and stood there and watched him roll over onto his back!  So I flipped him over again and this time I got my phone out to get a video of him.  So the rolling process has begun.

Here are this month’s weekly photos.

Week 9 – Justin’s parents got the boys SUPER little/big brother shirts with capes on the back.  Both boys were going through growth spurts this month so I put these shirts on hoping they could wear them a few times before growing out of them completely.  But it ended up being the first and last time they wore them since they were pretty snug, you can see Dylan’s tummy stretching out the shirt.  I can’t keep up with these boys!

Dylan 9 wks IMG_3086edWeek 10

Dylan 10 wksWeek 11

Dylan 11 wks

Week 12

Dylan 12 wks

Week 13 – I started realizing that when I was taking Jake’s weekly pictures, I had daddy behind me making him laugh so he is smiley in most of his pictures.  I am solo most of the time when I have been taking Dylan’s, so he is usually just chill and it is hard to get him to smile when my face is hiding behind the camera. I decided to start taking the picture before daddy leaves in the morning so he can help me by getting Dylan to smile.  Here’s our happy boy!

Dylan 13 wks

Fourth of July

For the past few years it has kind of been a tradition to spend the 4th of July on the Bay with some good friends of ours who live there.  Before we left we took some patriotic pictures of the boys with some flags that Justin bought for Jake to hold while he marches (one of his favorite things to do around the house now).

IMG_2973ed IMG_2972ed

Then we headed to the bay.  It was a fun day of food, games and friends.  If you are a regular on this blog then you will probably recognize Jacob’s friend Kennedy, born only a month apart, these two have shared lots of fun times together over the last two and a half years.  It had been a little while since these two saw each other though and they picked up right where they left off.  They got ahold of some flags and started walking down to the water.  My heart melted when I watched them and I knew I needed to capture this sweet moment.


They just stood there on the sand right where the water came in and waved their flags,


pointed to things out in the water,


discussed something very important,


laughed and marched around,


and they were the cutest all American kids on the beach!


Julia and I took our traditional picture with our newest babies who are 4 months apart.


And here are the boys in their matching camo shorts.


That night after getting the boys in bed, we walked out through our backyard onto the golf course and met up with our friends (who are also now our neighbors) and watched the fireworks. It was pretty cool since we could see two different shows from the comfort of our own home.  Next year I think I may try to master taking good pictures of fireworks…

Father’s Day

Justin’s family came to celebrate Father’s Day with us.  I thought it was the perfect time to get the Frisco men/boys together for a picture.  These days it takes a bit of work and coaxing to get Jacob to cooperate for a picture, so Justin was working on getting his giggles going by throwing him up into the air.

IMG_2838ed IMG_2845ed IMG_2846ed IMG_2848ed

And then we went for it…With a two year old and a baby, this is as good as it’s going to get, but I think they are pretty cute and I love seeing all these generations together!

IMG_2870ed IMG_2861ed

I am truly thankful for this man and everything he does for our family.  He is such a blessing and a great daddy to our two boys.


And I had to post this picture too because I love Jacob’s smile and Dylan looks like he’s getting ready to punch his big brother (which I am sure will be happening a lot over the years with these boys)!


Month Two

The fact that I am getting a post out about Dylan’s second month on the week he turned four months old, tells me I am getting somewhere and making progress…It also tells me that I have two more months of stuff to get caught up on…and I can’t believe he is four months already! Okay, time to rewind time again.

The second month Dylan really started packing on the pounds and putting on the baby chunks.  Even though he was not due back to his pediatrician until July, we ended up there in June for Jacob (when Dylan was 6 weeks old).  So while we were there I asked the nurse to weigh Dylan since it was obvious that he was gaining weight and I was curious how much he weighed, and the answer was 11 lbs 14 oz.  When we went back for his two month follow up he was a whopping 14 lbs and 11 oz and grew to 24 inches long!  His pediatrician said he checked out great and then he got his shots, during which he cried for about 30 seconds then was back to his smiley self.

He grew out of his 3 month clothes and started sporting his 6 month clothes.  For a little guy who got a slow start at the beginning he is definitely making up for it now!  In fact, we had a family wedding to go to when Dylan was 5 weeks old and he had gone through a growth spurt a few days before.  When we were getting ready to leave for the wedding I realized that the outfit I bought for him to wear was a bit snug and it took some work to get it on him, I actually had to cut some slits in the arm holes to keep from cutting off the circulation in his arms!  Later that evening when changing his diaper, I couldn’t get his clothes off of him.  I ended up having to borrow some scissors from the front desk of the hotel to cut him out of the outfit!  Thankfully, I had some extra clothes with me for him to wear!


Dylan really started to coo and smile with recognition.

IMG_4408ed IMG_4345ed

Around 6 weeks, he started loosing his hair and new hair started growing in.  So far he still has pretty blue eyes and dark hair, I am hoping it stays that way.


The best part about this month is at the beginning he was sleeping longer stretches (5-6 hours) at night and by the end of month 2 he was sleeping through the night!  I am praying that he will be as good of a sleeper that his big brother was/is.

IMG_4284ed IMG_4269ed IMG_4349ed IMG_4339ed

We started giving Dylan a bottle every once in a while, to give me a break and to give Justin some one on one time with Dylan.

IMG_2904ed IMG_2907ed

He really has been an easygoing baby and adapting to whatever situation he is in, going with the flow and sleeping whenever he needs sleep, including during the middle of mom trying to pay bills.


And I leave you with the weekly photos for month 2…

5 weeks

Dylan 5 wks

On this day Jake wanted in on the action. So here are a few extras…

IMG_2798ed IMG_2804ed

6 weeks

Dylan 6 wks

7 weeks

Dylan 7 wks

8 weeks

Dylan 8 wks