4 Generations

When Justin and I got married I remember the photographer being in awe that we had so many grandparents on both sides who were able to share our special day with us.  It made for some great wedding photos with all the generations of our family.  Since then we have had to say goodbye to several of them, but there are a couple who are still going strong!  One of them is Jacob’s Oma.  The night before our photo session at Leo Carillo Ranch, I woke up at 2 am which is pretty much the norm with this pregnancy, (I guess he’s preparing me for the 2 am feeding…) and it dawned on me that we would be very close to where Oma lives and my mom happened to be in town and this was a great opportunity to get some nice professional photos of the 4 generations.  So when everyone else woke up that morning and we started getting ready I told my mom my idea and asked our photographer if she would be willing to take a little side trip and do a mini session with Oma and we made it work!

When we arrived, my mom went to get Oma and the rest of us went outside in the courtyard to scope out a place for pictures, and Jacob was showing Justin his favorite swing that he plays on when we go to visit.

8FriscoBelly_065bw 8FriscoBelly_066bwThen the star of the show arrived and we got to work

8FriscoBelly_070b 8FriscoBelly_074-2bv 8FriscoBelly_080cv 8FriscoBelly_086bvOma will be 92 years old in a couple of weeks,  I hope that if I make it to 92 I look this good!


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  1. These are wonderful photos, Michelle!! So lucky to have 4 generations together! Your grandma looks amazing, just lovely!! Really cute of the guys on the swing!! xoxox

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