Tractors and Lone Pine Farms

Once Jake was introduced to all the animals on the ranch he didn’t really seem to care too much about them.  His main focus was the tractors!  My dad has 3 good sized tractors and from the time Jake woke up in the morning until he went to bed at night, all he wanted to do was drive the tractors.  In fact, if my dad would go outside to start the morning chores before or while I was feeding Jake breakfast, he would refuse to eat because all he wanted to do was go outside with grandpa and ride those tractors.

IMG_0010ed IMG_0074ed















When they would go on their rides, grandpa taught him which lever made the bucket in front of the tractor go up and down, so he knew exactly what he was doing.
















And when he was on the smaller tractor he would point to the other tractor
















To let us know that he wanted to go on the BIG tractor, which is what he is signing below

IMG_0080ed IMG_0029ed




























And any mention of the tractors, leads to them being in or near the barn which always leads to the cat who lives in the barn. That was the one animal that Jake had an interest in. Here he saw the cat and started signing cat.
















I think grandpa is going to have a ranch hand who is very eager to drive the tractors pretty soon.

IMG_0129ed IMG_0142ed IMG_0090ed IMG_0102ed IMG_0105ed


































































IMG_2487 IMG_0240edOne day we went to Lone Pine farms which is a really nice farmers market and they had a pumpkin patch set up with fun activities for the kids to do.  We did some shopping and played among the carts of pumpkins they had out front.

IMG_0150ed IMG_0157ed










































One of the stems broke off a pumpkin and Jake kept saying Uh Oh! and trying to hand it to me like he wanted me to fix it.

IMG_0161ed IMG_0162ed IMG_0170ed









































Then we fed the goats

IMG_0204ed IMG_0188ed IMG_0186ed



























IMG_0173ed IMG_0179ed

And I was trying to get Jake to stand by the ruler to measure how tall he was, but he was not having it, so we left shortly after that.  But not without a large box of the apple cider doughnuts, YUM!
















Later that day back at the ranch, my mom got out the bag of train tracks that my grandma had for my brother and I to play with when we were younger and then my nephews played with them and now Jake is having his turn.

IMG_0225ed IMG_0234I have one more to go before I wrap up this trip!

Oregon 2014

We planned our yearly trip up to visit my parents in Oregon a little bit later this year.  It is usually pretty warm when we go in the summer and since we have had such a hot summer in San Diego, I was longing for some cooler fall weather, so we planned our trip for the end of September through the first week of October.  Justin already had a business meeting planed in North Carolina for a couple of days, so we were able to arrange flights leaving within 50 minutes of each other on the same day to avoid multiple trips to the airport.  Justin left for North Carolina and Jake and I flew to Oregon.  Jake did great on the trip, when our 1 hour layover turned into a 3 hour layover at LAX I was a bit worried that I didn’t have enough stuff with me to entertain him for that long in one place, plus all the air travel time.  But it seemed to go by really fast and he provided lots of entertainment for the frustrated and weary travelers at our gate.  By the time we got to my parents house it was dinner time, then bath and to bed.  The next day is when the fun began!  And I will warn you in advance this trip is going to span over a few posts heavy with pictures…

First up on the agenda was feeding the cows.


IMG_9927ed IMG_9930ed IMG_9939ed IMG_9945edAnd while seeing real live cows that close was fun and all…Jake was much more interested in driving the Kubota around.  So Grandpa let him drive all over the ranch, and he was one happy boy!


















After all the morning chores were done, we had lunch and a nap before heading into town to find Jake a pair of real cowboy boots.  Our shopping trip was a success and he loves his new boots and wore them every single day we were there.














The next day my mom and I took Jake to the Children’s Science Museum in Eugene.  They had lots of hands on things for kids to do.  Jake was immediately drawn to the floating boats in the water.

IMG_9947ed IMG_9951ed




























Then he found this contraption that had a powerful suction that pulled these balls into the tubes and spit them out at another station at the other side of the room.  At first we couldn’t figure out where the balls were going, but once we did, I sat at the other station for a bit and Jake and I sent balls back and forth to each other.

IMG_9958ed IMG_9960ed




























There was an area that was full of these red balls and he and my mom played in there for a while.  He loved the pulley system and kept winding up the bucket full of balls
















One of his favorite things to do is shout the word GO after counting to 3.  Here my mom was lining up balls on a slanted track
















And she would count 1…2…3… Jake would yell GO and chase the balls down the IMG_9997ed IMG_9995edtrack



























It was a fun place to go and let him run around and play.  Late that evening after Jake went to bed, Justin flew in from his meeting in North Carolina.  The next morning he was happy to see his daddy!  That day my parents invited some of their friends over to practice cow sorting.  This was something new to us, but apparently it is a pretty big sport among some parts of the country.  Basically, there are two round pens set up side by side with an opening between them.  There are 10 cows in one pen that have numbers on them and two people on horses.  A number is called out and one person/horse is guarding the opening while the other person/horse is trying to get the cow with that number away from the others and into the other pen without letting any other cows in as well. It is actually pretty entertaining to watch.  First everyone saddled up the horses and rode around to warm them up.  Jake didn’t like being on this side of the fence, he wanted to join the big boys.


After the cows were rounded up in the pen the games started.

IMG_0054ed IMG_0051ed IMG_0050ed IMG_0061edWe wrapped up the day with dinner at the Dexter Lake Club.  Jake was really loving all the new sights, sounds and things to play with.  He quickly learned how to pick up the grain bowls from the horse stalls and where to put them.  As you saw from the picture above, he loved pushing the broom around the barn and fell in love with the barn cat! I have lots and lots more to share so I’ll be back soon.