Point Loma Lighthouse

This past Labor Day, we didn’t really have any big plans and wanted to avoid the crowds at the obvious locations like the beach, Sea World, zoo, etc… so we decided to play tourist again and check out another San Diego attraction that we had not yet been to.  A while back there was a documentary on the Point Loma lighthouse on TV and we caught maybe the last 3 minutes of it and decided that would be our next destination.

When we arrived, we looked around the visitors center and ended up on the back patio that has gorgeous views of the San Diego skyline.  Unfortunately, we were there in the morning and the marine layer had not cleared out yet, if you squint and look really closely, you can see some of the downtown buildings and the Coronado Bridge in the background.

IMG_9621ed IMG_9629ed















Then we walked up the hill to the lighthouse

IMG_9634ed IMG_9641ed IMG_9647ed















When we got to the top, we looked around the little museum that explained the history and how the lighthouse works.
















Jacob’s favorite part was the buttons you can push to turn the lights off and on, we could have left him there for hours…

IMG_9660ed IMG_9659ed









































Inside the lighthouse there was a (narrow) staircase to climb to get to the top.

IMG_9663ed IMG_9670ed














We walked around taking in the amazing views, we saw some pretty buildings down below that we later found out belong to the Coast Guard, not sure if it is some kind of living quarters for the VIPs, it looks like a vacation retreat if you ask me!


Just to the right of the above picture were some tide pools.  When Jacob is older we will be coming back here to explore those!

When driving to/from the lighthouse you drive through Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.  On our way in, I told Justin we would be stopping on our way out so I could take some pictures.  It is a beautiful way to remember those who have fought for our country, and the the views are just breathtaking.

IMG_9703ed IMG_9695ed IMG_9697ed















This is really high up on our list of favorite places to visit in San Diego!

A visit from Grandma

Last month my mom came to visit for a while and man it was nice having her here!  It was nice having someone else (an adult) to talk to as we went about our day, it is amazing how much more I could get done with an extra set of hands to entertain Jake.  I was able to make appointments and we ran all kinds of errands and got stuff done!  And of course we were having fun along the way with plenty of trips to the park, shopping and lots of giggles.

One afternoon we went to the Del Mar Races.  First we stopped at the paddock to watch the horses saddle up and parade around before heading out to the race track.

IMG_9469ed IMG_9475ed















Then we went to the infield to watch the races so Jacob would have room to run around.  Justin got some drinks for us and my mom let Jacob have a taste of her lemonade.
















And that was it…she hardly even got any, Jacob wouldn’t give it back and drank the whole thing.
















When it got close to being empty I added some water to the cup hoping he would drink it and he wanted nothing to do with it. Pure lemonade only for this little boy!  We lost a few bucks and won a few bucks, it was a fun afternoon.

On another day we drove to Oma’s house for a visit. After Jacob got Oma comfortable in her recliner by pushing all the buttons to lift her up and down and lean her back and forth he discovered all the fun things she has to climb and ride around on.

IMG_9512ed IMG_9515ed




























After Oma took this for a spin around the hall he decided it was his turn and kept making his vroom, vroom noises
















Oma…what does this button do?
















After we had In N Out for lunch (yum!) we went outside to run around for a bit before we headed home.  Jacob found some pretty flowers
















and decided that Oma should have them.

IMG_9571ed IMG_9573ed




























Just a few days after we visited Oma, we were walking up the stairs and at the top of the stairs I have a picture of Jacob on Oma’s lap during Christmas hanging on the wall and he started signing Oma!  It is so awesome to see him recognize faces and learn who people are and be able to sign who they are.  When it came time for my mom to go home, Jacob walked around signing grandma, grandma, grandma everywhere he went for a few days.  He still signs grandma wash whenever he goes into the guest bathroom.  I just love seeing the wheels turn in his head!

It was a fun time with grandma and we look forward to next time!


Endless Summer

I have a couple more posts to share about fun things we did this summer, but right now I want to share about what we did last weekend.  Even though “summer” is over, school is back in session, football is on TV and people across the world are gearing up for fall and the cooler weather, we live in a city that has pretty much an endless summer.  It is going to be a while before we can dust off our sweaters, boots and scarves, if we even get to do it at all.  I don’t think I wore a single sweater last fall/winter, it was so warm! Anyway, we had an exceptionally hot weekend and my friend Julia asked if we wanted to join her and her daughter at the new water park at the County Administration building downtown.  It just opened several months ago and I’ve been wanting to go check it out, so we did!

We got there about 30 minutes before they turned on the fountains, so we played in the playground for a while.

IMG_9752edIMG_9754ed IMG_9770ed


IMG_9787edThen the water came on!

IMG_9888edAnd the kids had a blast!


They were running…

IMG_9804ed IMG_9832ed




























Splashing and skipping…

IMG_9836ed IMG_9802ed




























And occasionally, they would glance at my camera when they zoomed by…

IMG_9849ed IMG_9865ed




























And whenever I tried to get both of them in the same picture, it kept ending up like this…both of them running in opposite directions

IMG_9881edSo we sat them down to get the picture we wanted…Love these cute faces 🙂

IMG_9903edOf course it didn’t last long…up and at it again.

IMG_9896edWhen the kids got tired, we put them in the strollers and walked across the street to Little Italy’s farmers market where we got yummy, fresh strawberries, blueberries and raspberries before heading home for nap time.  It was a fun morning and we are so thankful for great friends, living in an amazing city, and for endless summers (although I think I am ready for fall)!

Beaching in Balboa

We were a little disappointed in the weather last year when we went to Balboa Island, it was overcast and chilly and too cold to play on the sand.  This year the weather was perfect!  And Jacob has had lots of beach time this summer and loves playing in the water and the sand, so when we arrived we didn’t waste any time and headed right out to the beach.

IMG_9362ed IMG_9375ed




























Jake loves running up and down the beach
















and to and from the water, to fill up his bucket for building sandcastles.

IMG_9422ed IMG_9380ed




























Then daddy showed him how to fill up the moat with water
















But he was more interested in playing with the water
















and dumping it on himself…
















He loves to point out the airplanes he hears in the sky, and there were plenty of planes flying overhead that day.
















Then everyone got in the water with the rafts to cool off.

IMG_9393ed IMG_9395ed















It was a fun couple of days with friends and family and I am so happy our little guy loves the beach as much as we do!

IMG_9456ed IMG_2154ed