The Fab Fair

Summer is in full swing and we have really been taking advantage of all the fun things San Diego has to offer.  And one of those things is the county fair!  I’ll never forget during my senior year of college, Justin and I played hooky one day and decided to go to the fair on a Monday hoping to avoid the crazy weekend crowds.  We drove all the way to Del Mar and kept commenting on how the traffic was not bad at all and how it seemed we were going to have the place to ourselves.  Well, we kind of did since the fair is closed on Mondays…oops!  It wasn’t until about 4 years ago that we finally did go, on a day that they were actually open.  We didn’t play hooky that time, but we had tickets to one of the concerts so we went a few hours early and enjoyed the fair before the concert.  Now with a toddler in tow we thought it would make for a fun family day. So we packed up Jake and gave him his first county fair experience!

IMG_8413edFirst up, we looked at the animals. The baby goats were so cute and a favorite for Jacob.

IMG_8513ed IMG_8508ed















Then we got to the cows.

IMG_8388edThis was Jacob’s face when I told him that is where his milk comes from 🙂

IMG_8384edEvery year the fair has a theme and this years theme is the Fab Fair to celebrate the 50 year anniversary that the The Beatles (the Fab Four) first visited the United States.  They had a large area that had tons of pictures, posters, headphones to listen to their music, videos playing, records and pretty much everything involving the history of The Beatles.  We gave Jacob a break from the stroller and let him explore a bit.

IMG_8405ed IMG_8408ed IMG_8411ed















We even got to walk Abbey Road!

IMG_1730By then we had an appetite and started exploring the countless food vendors until we found just what we wanted.  Yum!

IMG_1733Then it was off for more exploring which included Jacob’s first carousel ride, which he loved and kept signing more, more, more when it was over.

IMG_8427ed IMG_8420edThen daddy played some games to win some stuffed animals for Jacob.

IMG_8431ed IMG_8437ed















When I saw this guy it made me think of the movie Mary Poppins, and I’ve been wanting to watch it ever since.
















Then we went to the family adventure part of the park, where they had more areas to let Jacob out of the stroller to play and explore.

IMG_8446edWe went into the butterfly emporium and had a very up close experience with thousands of butterflies, which was really cool! I think Jacob’s favorite part was this wrought iron musical contraption thing.  He spent quite some time banging around on it.

IMG_8496ed IMG_8478ed IMG_8500edI’d say it was a very successful trip to the fair and Jacob is enjoying his loot!