The Mission

Last September I did a post about our visit to the Mt Soledad Veterans Memorial, which we checked off on our How San Diegan Are You? list.  Another thing on the list that we have not done yet was visit the Mission San Luis Rey De Francia in Oceanside.  On the Saturday before Mother’s Day we didn’t have any plans and didn’t want to spend the beautiful day indoors, so we took a day trip to the mission.


When we arrived, the guide in the museum gave us the layout of the grounds and told us where we could go and the things we could see.  We started out walking through the museum. Jake didn’t really seem impressed…

IMG_7765edWe ended up in a courtyard behind the museum and let Jake roam around. That was much more interesting to him!

IMG_7788ed IMG_7813ed IMG_7799edIMG_7821ed IMG_7823edSometimes the simplicity of a bench or chair is my favorite kind of photo opportunity.

IMG_7836ed IMG_7840ed IMG_7842ed IMG_7845ed IMG_7847edJake is in a phase where he wants to touch everything, and I mean everything! He is always sticking his finger out and reaching to touch something.  On our walks he likes to touch the different plants and all the poles for the street signs or street lights.  Even when driving in the car if he sees a stop sign, he will frantically point his finger like he expects me to pull over so he can touch the pole.  And the big bell hanging in the courtyard is no exception.
















I always take my camera with us when we go on these adventures, but don’t always take pictures.  Sometimes, I just want to just relax and enjoy the moment. But sometimes, like this day, there are just too many good photo opportunities to pass up it ends up becoming a mini photo session!   Especially when Jake is having such a great time exploring the area.

IMG_7882ed IMG_7884ed IMG_7875ed









































When I was completing an online profile a while back for a MOMs group I am a part of it required a photo of me and Jake.  And I thought, pshhh no problem, I have plenty of pictures!  After spending several minutes going though my photo archives, I realized that I do have plenty of pictures of Jake, and Jake with daddy, but I have very few of us and the ones I have are older pictures, nothing recent.  It is hard when you are always behind the camera to force yourself to hand it to someone else so you can get in front of it.  And I am working on that…So when we went down these old steps that led down to the pools where women used to wash clothes and bathe, I handed the camera to Justin and played with Jake on the steps for a few minutes.

IMG_7903ed IMG_7907ed IMG_7917ed









































And I had to crop that last one to get a closer version of me and my bat boy.















We wandered through the cemetery

IMG_7920ed IMG_7925edAnd stopped by the church on our way out
















It was a fun family day and I am looking forward to our next adventure to check off the list!


More Randomness

One of the authors of a blog I love to read does a Ten on Tuesday post every Tuesday.  And she lists 10 things: news to share, a funny story, a link to a cool video/recipe/story, an opinion on something, an idea, thoughts, anything really… I feel like I need to start something like that because sometimes I want to post things, but it’s not really enough for  it’s own blog post and sometimes I feel like I have a bunch of unrelated things to say in one post, hence this title and my last post title of randomness. So I need a clever name, any ideas?

Now on to my random ramblings…

As I said in my last post, we had a busy week last week and I fully intended to post all about it last weekend or even last Monday.  But somehow it became Thursday and Jacob, Justin and Apollo are snoring away, the dishwasher is running, the house is (mostly) picked up, I finally got my shower in and I am determined to get this done before I go to bed.

Last week we had an action packed week planned.  Over the weekend we had a Frisco family fun day playing tourist at the Mission in Oceanside and we met Justin’s parents and grandma in Temecula for Mother’s Day brunch (I have stories to tell and pictures to share about those coming soon).  On Monday, Jacob and I met up with our good friends at Torrey Pines State Beach for our weekly beach fix.

beachOn Tuesday we started swimming lessons!  Jacob loves water in all forms, the bath, ocean waves, pool, and washing his hands in the sink. We love the beach and the pool and go as often as we can so I really want Jacob to have some good swimming foundation down as early as possible.  So now we go to swimming class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  So far Jacob loves it!














On the way home from swimming lessons that day I noticed a big plume of black smoke when I got off our exit from the freeway.

photo4I knew right away there was a fire and the area behind our neighborhood is full of canyons and wildlife preserves and lots of vegetation to burn.  I was not sure if it was a wildfire or some kind of controlled fire. Just a few minutes after getting home I got a text from Justin checking up on us since he heard about the fire.  Once I got Jake down for his nap I turned on the news and sure enough a few miles away a wildfire had started.  We were not in any immediate danger, but it was a very unsettling feeling since we have had to evacuate before for the 2007 fires and I knew there was a chance we might need to leave again since the winds were blowing west, towards us.  That afternoon we went to the library to meet up with a group of our friends for our weekly storytime gathering and playgroup afterwards.

On Wednesday, my Aunt took her second grade class on a field trip to the Safari Park in Escondido.  So Jacob and I joined them.  It was one of the hottest days of the week with temperatures reaching 102 degrees plus we had the hot Santa Ana winds blowing.  The park was pretty empty and I kind of felt like we had the place to ourselves!  Jacob had a great time in the petting zoo with my aunt and uncle.

IMG_8032edHe thinks anything that has hair and walks on 4 legs is a “Doggie!!!”














He was having a great time chasing them all over the place.  And it looks like the goat is charging him in this picture, but I assure you it is not.
















We stopped for lunch in the shade and then saw the elephants, gorillas, and all kinds of birds before heading home.  On the way home I kept seeing more plumes of black smoke and knew something was going on.  Several wildfires had broken out all over San Diego.

photo5Again we were not in any immediate danger, but man, it was so scary to see all this on the news.  My heart went out to all our firefighters who were working around the clock for several days fighting these fires in the heat and with the winds working against them.  They totally kicked ass (excuse my language) and put these fires out over the next several days and saved so many homes and buildings from being destroyed.  A few homes/buildings were lost, but for the number and scale of these fires if it was not for our amazing firefighters it could have been a lot worse.

On Thursday, we had swimming lessons again, and it was a huge welcome since it was the hottest day of the week and even a 92 degree pool felt glorious! On Friday we didn’t have any big outing planned, so we went to the playground and spent the afternoon in our pool cooling off.  Between the beach and the pool we are pretty much going to be living in our bathing suits this summer and Jacob is already rocking a pretty serious farmers tan!

This week has been a stark contrast as far as the weather goes.  We went from 100+ degrees to 66 degrees.  It has been pretty chilly getting out of the warm pool after lessons this week!  But it feels so good, I really prefer the cool beach weather.  On Wednesday we had a playgroup date at the park and tomorrow we are meeting some more friends for a picnic lunch and park date.  Oh and one last thing, we turned Jacob’s car seat around so now he is a forward facing big boy now!  Technically (according to the American Academy of Pediatrics), we are not supposed to do that until he is 2 years old, but I’m saying mom and dad know best in this scenario.  He is a much happier boy now that he can see what is going on while we are driving!














It has been a really fun few weeks (except for the fires), I’ve barely had time to keep up with the laundry and grocery shopping and pretty much collapse every night which is why I haven’t been here.  But as I said I was determined tonight and it is now 11:41 pm and I better hit the sack.

I’ll be back with more on our trip to the Mission and Mother’s Day and everything else inbetween, and don’t forget I am taking suggestions on a title for my randomness posts!


Two days after Easter, Jacob started coughing and sneezing and ended up with a full blown head cold.  Other than a mild fever and a day or two of a runny nose (which I’m sure was teething related) Jacob has not been sick.  So now he has had his first real cold. Of course a couple of days later when he started feeling better I got it and then I think I either gave it back to him or he relapsed. But man, I remember the days when I could call in sick to work and rest in bed when I was not feeling well.  Not anymore! Thankfully, Jacob still had a pretty good temperament when he was sick so I was not dealing with any major mood swings.  He was actually very cuddly and wanted to be held all the time, which I loved, except when I was trying to get something done. Being sick didn’t really disrupt Jacob’s nighttime sleep, except it was heartbreaking hearing him cough through the night.  It was hard to try and play with him or keep him entertained while all I wanted to do was close my eyes or stand in the hot steaming shower to relieve my congestion. I did get a small break over the weekend when Justin took Jacob to meet his parents for lunch in Temecula.  I spent the entire time they were gone dozing on the couch.  Anyway, for people who don’t get sick often, it was a doozy! Now, other than the lingering dry cough, we are both much better.  Not looking forward to Jacob bringing home all those germs when he starts school, ugh!

On a more exciting note, Jacob has been walking now for about a week and a half.  Of course the first couple of days he was a clumsy klutz falling over after ever few steps.  But now he is more and more sure footed and is picking up speed.  I’ll get some pictures of him walking up here soon to share.

Also, sometime in the middle of being sick and learning how to walk, one of Jacob’s molars popped through.  He won’t let me look in his mouth anymore so I’ve had a hard time looking for new teeth.  But I have noticed him chewing on some of his hard plastic toys and a couple of days ago I had my finger in his mouth getting something out that he put in and surprised myself when I almost sliced my finger open on his molar.  Sheesh, those teeth are sharp!  I think he is working on the other side now because he is back to chewing and is really biting down hard on things.

Generally Jacob has always been such a fantastic eater.  He recently went through a picky phase where all he wanted to eat was bananas, yogurt and cheese. He would eat a little bit of other things here and there, but not much.  Looking back I think it was leading up to his cold and cutting his molar so he was probably just not feeling well.  But now his appetite is back in full force and I feel like he is eating more than before.  And he will eat pretty much anything I give him, or at least try a few bites before deciding he doesn’t want something.  He eats more than I do and I sometimes wonder how I am going to keep him full when he is a teenager!

We have a really, really busy week next week, so I probably won’t post anything next week.  But I’ll be back soon with more stories and pictures.

To end this post here are some pictures of our recent visit with Oma, to celebrate her 91st birthday!

IMG_7753ed IMG_7730ed

Jacob loves to play with her wooden blocks

IMG_7718edOr more specifically, he loves to knock them down! IMG_7720ed