The Children’s Museum

I’ve wanted to go check out the Children’s Museum for a long time, so while Grandma was here last week, we did!

There are lots of different play areas and rooms with a theme and everything is hands on and kid friendly.

IMG_6527ed IMG_6534ed

We played with stacking blocks made from mushrooms, we blew bubbles with homemade pipe cleaner rings (which Jacob loved).  There was a play area specifically designed for younger kids where we spent most of our time.

IMG_6539ed IMG_6540edThere were lots of balls in this room and that is one of Jacob’s favorite things to play with

IMG_6545ed IMG_6551ed IMG_6564ed IMG_6572edThen there was a “sliced orange” that was a never ending cycle of pick up the balls, put them through the holes and pick them up again…we could have stayed there for hours!

IMG_6578ed IMG_6585ed IMG_6581ed IMG_6592edWe also made our way through the bounce house twice before the older, rowdy kids took over and bounced Jacob out!

IMG_6604ed IMG_6607edIf you are ever downtown and need a fun place to entertain your kid, check it out!

Another fun thing about Grandma coming to visit is she gets those cute (and someday will be embarrassing) bath time photos 🙂

Jacob LOVES his bath, even during the day if the door is open, he will crawl up to the bathtub and turn around and look at me (like he is in the picture below) as if he is saying, can we take a bath now??

bath 1ed Bath 2ed

Thanks for a fun few days Grandma!

San Diego gems

Grandma was in town for a few days last week and we didn’t waste a single minute while she was here.  Aside from our usual stroller walks, errands and park playdates, we spent time enjoying some of the perks of living in San Diego.  First up, the beach!

IMG_6481edIt was a little bit cooler than the last few times we were at the beach, but there was still sand to play with, waves to chase, rocks to pick up and lots of ground to cover and burn energy before nap time!

IMG_6447ed IMG_6450edAnother San Diego gem we took advantage of is the Zoo!

IMG_6495edWe were entertained by rolling & swinging monkeys, swimming hippos, sleeping bears

IMG_6502edand sleeping Koala bears

IMG_6486edJacob’s favorite exhibit is the zebra and donkey, every time he is mesmerized by them!

IMG_6501edWe saw lots of birds and ducks and we learned that male flamingos walk around with their neck stretched out to attract the females attention.

IMG_6511edIt is fun to do these things with Jacob now that he is a little older and he takes an interest in what he is seeing.  Before going anywhere was just an excuse for me to get out of the house and rejoin society, but now it is such a fun learning experience for Jacob and I love watching him take in the new sights and sounds.


More coming soon!


The Party

When trying to decide what to do for Jacob’s first birthday party, we kept going back and forth on where to have it.  There are so many great parks in our neighborhood but it being January we didn’t want to take our chances just in case the San Diego winter weather decided to drop below 65 and actually produce some rain. And our house just is not big enough to host all the people we invited.  So I asked my Aunt and Uncle who live in Oceanside if we could have the party at their house. They said yes, with the location secured, the party planning mode was in full force.

We decided to go with an Olympic theme since the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia were starting just a few weeks later (actually I am watching the Olympics as I work on this post).  We ordered gold medals and temporary tattoos of the Olympic rings.  I went on Pinterest to get ideas for decor and made some Olympic torches out of candle sticks and tissue paper.  I have some friends who are creating a business of putting together packages of paper decorative items for parties, they made us some Team USA signs and Olympic themed cupcake toppers.IMG_5938edWe got cupcakes in the colors of the Olympic rings and I had every intention of arranging them in circles like the actual Olympic rings to be served.  But the moment was kind of crazy and that didn’t happen, but hey at least they tasted good!

IMG_5945edAnother idea that I found on Pinterest was a chalkboard that lists things about your child that you could purchase from a company who would personalize it for you.  We have a few chalkboards in our house that we write sayings, verses, draw pictures, etc… on so we already had some colorful chalkboard paint markers and I found a big chalkboard at Marshalls all we had to do was get our creative juices flowing and make our own.  It was two nights before the party and it took Justin, me and my mom 2.5 hours to do this with three differences in opinions (and all 3 of us are perfectionists) and two bottles of wine!  It was definitely one of those nights that I will never forget.  We were excited, frustrated and laughing the entire time.  In the end I am pretty impressed with how it came out!


It says JACOB at the top and My First Birthday underneath.
19.12 lbs and 30.25 inches.
4 teeth.
I LOVE: The Dog (tag, tail, toys), Bath Time, Climbing Stiars, Touchdown, Oh No, Dancing, Hide and Seek, Walks, Peek-a-booFAVORITE:
Books: Tickle Me and Little Blue Truck
Song: Jesus loves me
Foods: Pancakes, Cheese, Zuchinni, Avocado, Peaches
First Word: Doggie


A little over 60 people filled my Aunt and Uncle’s yard.  Of course it was a gorgeous San Diego day and we are so blessed to have have so many wonderful friends and family to celebrate Jacob with us. I am thankful that my mom took on the task of taking pictures, I was so busy visiting and if she hadn’t done that then I would have maybe 3 pictures of the whole day.



Then it was time for Jacob to have his birthday cake!

IMG_4995edIMG_5001edIMG_5904ed IMG_5906ed IMG_5915edIMG_5923edIMG_5919edAfter we got Jacob cleaned up from the chocolate and blue frosting the party continued…



IMG_5928edThen my cousin’s girlfriend surprised the little girls with some face painting


They were so captivated watching her work IMG_5061ed

Even little Riley got in on the fun!IMG_5091ed

Thank you to all those who celebrated with us!  We missed those who could not come and Jacob is so lucky to have such wonderful people in his life.  Happy Birthday to my sweet boy!

Christmas (part two)

We spent the second part of our Christmas at Justin’s parents house.  After unloading the car, Jacob was ready to open more gifts.


One thing that I love to capture in photography is creating some good bokeh (the intentional use of creating blur or haze in the background).  You know those beautiful pictures you see where the round refection from the light, there is an art to it and it takes practice (and the right lens) to capture some good bokeh.   One fantastic way to play around with bokeh is using the light from a Christmas tree.


Their tree was beautifully decorated and low to the ground so it made a great backdrop.


I just love that little reindeer butt!


Again daddy came to the rescue to put together the toys


Later, it was time for Jacob’s dinner.  Justin’s parents found this great wooden highchair that we use when we go to their house.


When he finished dinner and was munching on a teething cookie, I couldn’t resist getting my camera and capturing Jacob in the highchair with the Christmas tree in the background. The bokeh was just perfect.




With a full tummy, Jacob went back to opening gifts.  Papa J and Nonnie got him this great Nativity scene.

IMG_5470edHe spent a lot of time “rearranging” the placement of the characters in the scene.

IMG_5473edIMG_5475edNot wanting to be left out, Apollo creeped under the tree to get into the action


We had a great Christmas and enjoyed all our time with family.  When we got home, we had a couple days to get settled back into our routine and we celebrated New Years Eve with some neighbors.  Then we were in full planning mode for Jacob’s birthday party, those pictures are coming up next.