Christmas (part one)

We started off the Christmas festivities at my parents cabin.  When we arrived they had in the middle of the living room, the rocking tractor that my brother and his family got for Jacob last year at Christmastime.  Happy to be out of his carseat and able to move around, Jacob immediately started inspecting this new toy and decided to go for a ride.


They even had our last name engraved on the back.

IMG_5171edThe next day for Christmas Eve, we had the cabin full of family (including 5 dogs!) for dinner, presents and a good time together.  One thing I have noticed is, as good as I am about taking pictures of Jacob…I am really bad at taking pictures of everyone else!  So I didn’t get a single picture of that time.  But of course I did get a few cute ones of Jacob in his Christmas outfit.  First up, back on the tractor.


Even the big boys took the tractor for a spin 🙂


Jacob was fascinated with the horses and loved watching those large animals.  So we spent some time on the fence of the arena watching the horses have their dinner.


We did get a picture of the 4 generations.  Oma, Grandma, Mom and Jacob.

IMG_5243edOn Christmas morning, Jacob spent all morning opening presents and playing with his new toys.


However, if there are dogs around, they trump any package, box, toy or bow in Jacob’s book.  And my parents dog Jane was happy to provide some entertainment for Jacob, he couldn’t contain his excitement!

IMG_5269ed IMG_5271edAfter some coffee (for us) and breakfast, Jacob kept on opening and playing with his toys. He got a musical ball, clothes, books, a cell phone


Thanks mom, but you know this is not going to keep me from going after your phone, right?


Then Jacob tackled the present that was possibly his favorite one yet.


Hmmmm, can’t do much with it while it is in this box….


Daddy to the rescue!


And I have my very own truck!! Lets check out the horn here.


I simply couldn’t narrow these next photos down to one…or even two.


Besides it shows what a ham he is when he has an audience.  Every time he would raise his arm, he would get a collective cheer from everyone.


and that makes him more and more excited!




Before we left, Jacob made sure to snuggle with his Oma for a few minutes.

IMG_5391ed IMG_5396ed

He’s a pretty lucky little dude!

I’ll be back soon with the second half of our Christmas.

Getting into the spirit

Justin’s parents called one day and said to keep our eyes open for a package they had sent, but didn’t tell us what it was.  When it arrived we found a box full of Christmas “clothes/costumes.”  So one afternoon, we got dressed in the clothes and set the timer on my camera to take some pictures.  Unfortunately, my camera was not focusing properly, but we still got some fun photos to start off the Christmas season!

Try not to laugh too hard!





Ho Ho Ho!

12 month check up

Since my last post we have been planning and throwing a birthday party for Jacob, I was in the middle of a good book and honestly am a bit overwhelmed by the amount of pictures I have to go through from Christmas and Jacob’s birthday party so I have kind of been avoiding them for a while.  The party is over and I finished my book…and before I start another one, I am going to finish my Christmas pictures, then the birthday party ones and get them up here (hopefully) soon.  In the meantime, I have other things to share.

We had Jacob’s 12 month check up last week and he is in great shape.

  • Jacob weighs 19 lbs 12 oz
  • He is 30.25 inches long
  • The circumference of his head is 18.25 inches

Jacob is really pulling himself up on everything and exploring the world from this new higher up position.  He will walk for a short distance with support.  When Jacob’s pediatrician asked me if he was walking yet I said no, he asked if Jacob crawled really fast and I said yes.  He said that is why he’s not walking yet, he knows he can get there faster if he crawls.  Occasionally I will encourage Jacob to use his push toy to walk a few steps, but I am not really encouraging it all that much…I’m not in too much of a hurry to get into this walking phase 🙂

He is still a champion sleeper.  He goes to bed between 6:30-7:00 pm and sleeps to 6:30 am.  Recently, he has been sleeping to 7:00-7:30 am we really have no complaints in the sleeping department.

He is also a champion eater.  He eats pretty much everything I put in front of him.  He has his favorites and when he is finished eating his favorites and fills up his tummy with everything else, he starts tossing leftover food over the side of his highchair to the dog.  Jacob has quickly become Apollo’s best friend!

And here is the last of his weekly photos…Even if I tried to continue to do this after a year, I know it would be impossible since he will not.sit.still.

After sitting him on the couch, he immediately gets up to look outside the window to see what is going on out there.

IMG_5853edWhen we sit him back down, he starts to pull at the sticker on his shirt

IMG_5856edSo we quickly yell “Touchdown” so he will throw his hands up into the air

IMG_5858edAnd then for a split second when he puts them down, I get the picture I wanted…

IMG_5854edThank God for a fast shutter speed on my camera!


And now he turns ONE!  How did that happen?

When trying to figure out where to take his 1 year photos, I kept scouting out all the parks and playgrounds by our house and since it is winter (or San Diego’s version of winter) the grass was turning brown and all the pretty fall leaves had fallen and become a dry, crumbled mess on the ground and nothing was really making me excited about taking his pictures.  Then one day, I had the idea of going back to the trees where we had our maternity pictures taken.  So we loaded up the car with our props, and stopped at the store to buy a second bunch of balloons since the ones I bought earlier had already deflated to the ground and headed back to the trees.


The chair was my grandpas grandmothers chair and it made the perfect prop for Jacob to hold onto.


Since Jacob already experienced his first Christmas, he knew exactly what to do with packages that have a bow on them.


There are many emotions that come with this day.  It has been the most challenging yet the most rewarding year we’ve ever experienced.  In reflecting on this past year, there are many things I’ve been thinking about and there is no way I can cover all of it in one blog post.  But that is what is so great about this blog is a lot of those things have already been documented here one way or another.  So at this time I am going to focus on Jacob right now…

I love the way he loves to dance.  While preparing food and eating we play music on our iPod and Jacob bops his head all through mealtime.  During playtime he likes to get a toy that plays music going before he starts banging around with his other toys.  One day while Jacob was bouncing around to the tune of one of his toys, I said to Justin, “remember when we used to put him in tummy time and try to get him to lift his head…” and now he is bopping it all over the place.  It’s kind of funny, because he does this ‘Night at the Roxbury’ head shake, but his noggin is so big which makes him top heavy and he often looses his balance and has to catch himself before falling over! IMG_5640ed

I love that his first word, spoken and signed, is doggie.  Or the way he says it, Daw-GHEee.  Jacob has been babbling mama and dada for a long time but didn’t really know what he was saying.  Doggie is the first word he says and knows what he is saying.  He absolutely LOVES the dog.  He loves the tag on his collar, he loves to chase his tail when it is wagging and he loves to crawl over him in his never ending quest for an adventurous obstacle course.  Whenever we come into the house from the garage after being away somewhere, Jacob gets a smile on his face and gets excited to see the Daw-GHEee greet us at the door.  While we were taking these pictures, a man was jogging on the trail with his German Sheppard and Jacob starting signing doggie which is what he is doing in the picture below. IMG_5744ed

I love his interaction with people.  Jacob knows when he is at the center of attention and will provide endless entertainment.  He often throws his hands up in the air and that gets a collective “Touchdown” yell from anyone who may be in the room.  He does it while playing, getting his diaper changed, in the bath, while eating and even in the car seat.  Often while I have him in the shopping cart at a store, I will see him throw his hands up and smile at a stranger, waiting for them to say “Touchdown”, when they don’t he kind of gives me a curious look like, why didn’t they say it?? And I will smile at him and give him the “Touchdown” he wanted.

IMG_5729ed IMG_5701ed

I love how he really pays attention to what you are saying.  Anytime you say ‘Oh No!‘ Jacob will put his hands up to the side of his face like Macaulay Culkin did in the movie ‘Home Alone’.  At first it was intentional, we would look at him and say ‘Oh No!‘ and he would put his hands to his face.  But now if you say it without saying it directly to him he does it.  I figured that out when I was reading a book called ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ to him and there are several Oh No’s! in the book and he kept putting his hands up to his head whenever I said it.  Just like ‘Touchdown’ he does it during playtime, bath time, in the car, etc…anything to keep his audience captivated.



This parenting gig has been a pretty incredible journey so far.  We are so in love with this little boy and he has brought us so much joy!


As reluctant as I am to give up the babyhood days, I am so excited to see what the future holds for Jacob. I’m sure the next thing will be letting go of the chair and taking his first unassisted steps! Happy Birthday to my sweet boy!  XO



I remember my mom thinking it was very ambitious of me to take weekly photos of Jacob for his first year, and honestly, I didn’t know if I would keep it up or not…but I am so glad I did.  We are rapidly approaching Jacob’s 1st birthday and before that day comes and we take our last weekly picture with the elephant and giraffe, I figured I should get caught up with posting the past month of photos.

I am so thankful that Jacob loves my camera (or his silly dad behind me making him laugh).  Most of the time when he sees my camera he sits up a little straighter and flashes a smile, even when there is no one else around to grab his attention he is really good at flirting with the camera (probably because I’ve had it in his face since the day he was born!)  We’ve never had a problem getting these weekly pictures, until…his 11 month one…Jacob did NOT want to sit still and kept trying to make a break for it. IMG_4741edHe would throw himself back and wiggle his way out of Justin’s grasp…. IMG_4742edAnd after a wrestling match with the couch & stuffed animals he ended up with lots of static electricity which made for a wild hairstyle…

IMG_4743edThen finally, he sat still long enough for me to snap a decent picture. 48 wks - 4747ed49 weeks

49 wks - 5020ed50 weeks

50 wks - 5801edAnd doing his touchdown pose for 51 weeks 51 wks - 5833ed

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!  I have lots more pictures to share from all the holiday fun and soon Jacob’s birthday, so I’ll be back soon.