Trick or Treat

A friend of mine gave me a monkey costume that I was excited for Jacob to wear for Halloween, especially since I’ve been calling him my little monkey, it was perfect.  I got it out at the end of September and tried it on him and it was too small.  I wasn’t about to go out and buy him something right away since he grows so fast I was afraid whatever I bought wouldn’t fit him at the end of October.  A week before Halloween I was shopping and I saw a top that was covered in skulls (for me, not him) and I remembered that we had a glow in the dark skeleton outfit for Jacob.  So I got the top and figured we could go with a skeleton theme for Halloween.


He seemed happy with his costume


For lunch we went to Justin’s office for a Halloween party.


Lots of the kiddos came in that day and had a great time hanging out together in the reception area, they were so excited they couldn’t sit still for a photo!

IMG_3189edAcross the hall from Justin’s office is where my friend Julia works and they were having a Halloween party too, so her little girl KJ was there.  We had to meet in the hallway to say hello.

IMG_3174IMG_3177edLater that afternoon we went to the big shopping center by our house for a Halloween extravaganza.  There was a band called Left4Dead playing, so we found a spot with a view of the stage and watched the crowds of kids go by as they trick or treated and all the people dressed up in costumes dancing along to the band.  It was one of those moments that really made me stop and enjoy this time with Jacob without thinking about where we had to go or what we had to do next.  I was also thinking about how thankful I am that we live in the community that we are in, that puts on these events for all the families in the area.  Of course the beautiful San Diego fall weather helped to make the day even more perfect!

Even though my little monkey outgrew his monkey costume…


The skeleton theme worked out pretty well.


We got lots of comments from people


And Jacob is happy in anything as long as he can crawl around it in


Hope you had a great Halloween!