Fort Knox

Well, there is no stopping him now…it’s official…we have a crawler.


While Jacob has been scooting for a while now, he never really left the 5 foot span of the area where he was playing.  Which meant I could plop him down with some toys far enough away from the stairs and know he would be fine.  Not anymore… It amazes me how quickly this all happened. He was scooting around for a several weeks and then one day he started the army crawl, the next day was a clumsy crawl and then by the third day he was a pro! And let me tell ya, he gets faster everyday and is loving his newfound freedom!

Since this all started 2 weeks ago, we have been in childproofing mode.  Our house is two stories (technically 3 if you count the garage) and the downstairs is split into two levels.  Which means we have lots of stairs.  We already had a gate at the bottom of the stairs to keep the dog downstairs while we were not home.  We had bought another gate a while back for the top of the stairs leading to the bottom half of our split level downstairs but never installed it.  The day Jacob started crawling Justin installed the gate.


IMG_3106edThe next night I went on Amazon to order a gate for the top of the stairs upstairs and 2 “temporary” ones to keep the dinning room and kitchen separate.  That way it keeps Jacob out of the kitchen and Apollo has his safe area where he can nap, relax and have access to his food and water without worrying about Jacob climbing all over him (Apollo’s tail (and toys, ugh!) has been Jacob’s favorite target and motivation to move across the room).  So basically our house has become Fort Knox.

IMG_3108edAnd here is our 42 week old 🙂



And then she was 1

One of the reasons I love taking pictures is to look back and see the changes that occur over time.  I did newborn and 6 month photos for Grace, and mom called me to do her 1 year photos.  Not only has Grace grown so much but they also moved into our neighborhood!  Mom said she wanted to do beach photos this time and we decided on Torrey Pines State Beach.  After taking a few pictures at their house…

IMG_1939ed IMG_1961ed

…we headed to Torrey Pines.  My favorite thing about this beach are the beautiful cliffs, they make a great backdrop.


Grace was just recovering from a cold and was being extra snugly with her mom






Maverick & Goose

Being a child who grew up in the 80’s Top Gun was one of my favorite movies (right up there with Grease and Peggy Sue Got Married).  Not only is it a good storyline, but Tom Cruise was so dreamy (before he got all weird and creepy) he made any young girl swoon.

TOM+CRUISE+TOP+GUN+1980SA few years ago we were with Justin’s parents walking around the Palm Desert swap meet and in one of the pet booths I saw this flight jacket/vest made for a dog.  It immediately made me think of Top Gun and I wanted to buy it for Apollo. Justin was not too thrilled at the thought of dressing up our dog and I was not sure if they had the right size for Apollo so I ended up not buying it.  A few months later for Christmas Apollo got a gift from Justin’s parents.


We actually have used this on several occasions to keep Apollo warm and I keep telling Justin at least it is a cool Top Gun flight jacket as opposed to some fancy knitted sweater thing.

Fast forward to about 6 months ago…A girlfriend of mine gave me all of her son’s baby clothes when she found out her second child was a girl.  While going through all the bins and bins of clothes I was SO excited when I came across this…

IMG_2416edDaddy’s Little Wingman, I mean, how perfect is that!

IMG_2420edI knew right away that I would have to get Apollo and Jacob dressed up together and have a Top Gun day.

IMG_2422edIMG_2429edNow I feel like I need to watch the movie again for old times sake.


…I bite!

I bite

(and no his foot is not deformed, his sock is twisted)

We used to warn people that Apollo gets a little nippy when he is being protective, territorial or if there is too much excitement going on for his liking.  Now we are adding Jacob to that warning.  He got his two bottom teeth in at 7 months and just a few days ago his two top ones pushed through.  Before he had any teeth he used to gnaw on my finger or the fingers of anyone who was holding him.  When he first got his two bottom teeth in, he would still try to chew on my finger and after a few times of me screaming OW, he figured out that he shouldn’t do that anymore…and the finger chewing stopped.  Then he moved onto toes.  While in his carseat or even when playing on the floor I’ll find him chewing on his toes.  He really surprised me one day when I was sitting on the floor with him and had one leg stretched out and wasn’t really paying attention to what he was doing and he made his way over to my foot and started gnawing on my big toe.  Not only did it tickle but man those teeth are razor sharp!  Now I’ve learned to hide my toes from him.  He loves to chew on his hard plastic toys, even the soft silky tags on his stuffed animals, carrot sticks, foam tiles (see photo above), dog toys (ugh! I did find him chewing on one of Apollo’s toys one time, I about died!) any shoes that are within his reach, the metal frame of his jumper, pretty much anything really.

While he was working on pushing the top two teeth out, I experienced something that I had heard about often, and was hoping I would never experience, but knew in the back of my mind it would probably happen.  One day while running some errands, I was in the mall parking lot nursing Jacob in the car…and he bit me.  It took me by surprise and I yelled OW!  After a brief pause of shock, he started crying.  The next day while nursing him before bed, he did it again, and my reaction scared him which led him to cry again.  A couple of days later he did it again and this time he didn’t cry but he had a look of shock on his face.  And he hasn’t done it since…so either it registered with him that he is not supposed to do that, or he has some relief now that the teeth have finally broken through.  We’ll find out when he starts working on some new teeth.

A biter or not, I still love him to death and I understand now the reaction I get from people when I tell them that Jacob is 9 months old.  It is such a fun time and watching him grow and learn is so amazing! I love to sit and watch him move around and play, it is crazy to think just 9 months ago he was just born and several months ago, he couldn’t even roll over, and just 3 months ago he started sitting up by himself, and now he doesn’t want to be held more than a minute, he wants to be down on the ground where he can move around.

Here is our 40 week old

40 wks - 2496edand 41 week old

41 wks - 2608ed

A visit with Oma

A few weeks ago I called my grandma to see if she would be free for a visit that upcoming Saturday.  It turned out not only was she free but my aunt and uncle who live in Utah were coming to visit that same weekend! So we drove in and spent the afternoon visiting with Oma and family.

Jacob and Oma spent a few minutes getting reacquainted


After a few kisses and whispers from her he was right at home


It warms my heart to see Jacob snuggling with his Oma!


Jacob also got to play with his great Uncle John


And Tante Michelle who spoiled him with a new outfit and toys 🙂

IMG_2392edTante Heidi was showing Jacob Oma’s bears on her couch

IMG_2393edThat evening we met up with more family for dinner.  Jacob’s cousin Sadie took it upon herself to make sure Jacob always had a toy available and showered him with hugs and kisses.  She is practicing for her little brother or sister who will be arriving soon.


Meet Yo

Okay this is one of those stories that probably won’t seem as funny when retold, it is a “you kind of had to be there” kind of story to really understand why it is so funny.  But it is something that I do want to remember, so I am going to tell you the story of Yo, and hopefully it will at least make you smile.

It all starts with a doll


As any expectant momma knows, baby clothes are a popular thing that people love to buy for your little one.  How could they not, every single time I go into any baby store I am tempted to buy some cute little outfit that I see. Justin’s mom bought an outfit for Jacob as a gift at my shower.  Instead of just wrapping the outfit up, she decided to make things a little more interesting and bought the doll, dressed him in the outfit and wrapped it up in a big box.  You can imagine the surprise on my face when I opened the box at my shower to see this doll staring up at me.  He served his purpose making outfit buying/gift giving a little more exciting 🙂

After my shower, my best friend, Stacey, my mom and I were sitting on the floor of the nursery going through all my gifts and removing tags, doing laundry, making piles and putting things away.  It was getting late and we were tired, but we were having fun and enjoying the time together.  In all the piles of gifts we came across this


These cute little lovies are also a popular gift item.  They come in all different kinds of animals, shapes, sizes and colors.  They often have some kind of embroidery on them, this one was embroidered with I love you, only they forgot the u, literally the letter u not the word you.


I love Yo.

So in our tired giddyness we laughed and said I wonder who Yo is…later on in the evening we came across the doll and we were trying to figure out what we were going to do with it and again we were tired and giddy and I don’t remember exactly how it all went down, but somehow the doll was named Yo and it just took off from there.


While I was pregnant, we took a Childproofing Your Dog class, in an attempt to learn about what we could to avoid any potential problems between Apollo and Jacob.  One of the things the instructor mentioned was before the baby arrives you could walk around carrying a doll, or have a doll on the couch with you, etc…so the dog can get used to the idea that there is another person in the house that is a part of the family.  We didn’t take that part too seriously and Justin was not going to go about his daily life around the house carrying a fake baby, so we dismissed that exercise.  However, once Yo came into our home there was no escaping it.

The morning after Yo was named, while we were making breakfast my mom put Yo in the bouncy chair next to the table while we ate.  Apollo was a bit leery of this strange thing on the ground and gave Yo a few sniffs, but then he was over it.  When were trying to figure out how to use the carriers I got, we used Yo to practice with.  On Christmas morning when we were all sitting in the living room opening presents and Justin opened one of the gifts I got him which was some SDSU Aztecs baby clothes, my mom found Yo and got him dressed up in the new clothes and sat him on the couch and he spent the rest of the morning with us.  When I got the baby swing we put Yo in there to test it out.  Much to Justin’s dismay Yo was slowly working his way into our life as a practice baby.

Once Jacob arrived, Yo was put away in the closet and pretty much forgotten about.  Every time we go through the closet and rotate through Jacob’s things, store the items he no longer needs and make room for new things we always come across Yo and Justin asks me if we can get rid of him.  And every time I say no, not yet…I don’t know why, but I don’t want to get rid of him.  I think it is the memory of that night that makes me want to hang on to him.  Justin is pretty determined since every time he opens the closet Yo is there staring back at him, creepy!   So I decided to take some pictures and share the story of Yo so that his memory lives on through the blog.  And the next time we clean out the closet and Justin asks if we can get rid of him I’ll be able to tell him okay.


9 months

We had Jacob’s 9 month follow up this week and he is doing great!  He was entertaining the people sitting next to us in the waiting room by babbling and clapping his hands.  That was the first thing the doctor noticed when he came in was his clapping.  He is quite the ham these days 🙂 His pediatrician checked him out and said he is a strong, happy, healthy boy!  Usually, there are no shots with the 9 month visit, unfortunately for Jacob, this visit took place at the beginning of the flu season…so he got his flu shot, the first of 2.  We go back in a month to get the 2nd round.

Here are his stats:

  • Jacob weighs 18 lbs 10 oz (32nd percentile)
  • Jacob is 28.50 inches long (60th percentile)
  • The circumference of his head is 17.75 inches (50th percentile)

Jacob is just starting to get to concept of waving,  if you show him his reflection in the mirror you will find him waving back, and sometimes we’ve seen him waving to strangers.  He has also mastered the art of scooting.  Every time I put him down he pushes himself up into a sitting position and scoots around to get where he wants to go.  His favorite items to go after are the dog and moms iPhone, and if I move my phone out of reach or sight, he gets MAD!  If he scoots over to the dresser he has figured out how to open the drawers. We keep putting off the childproofing but I have a feeling that we will be buying those baby gates pretty soon. Jacob is also starting to show some signs of separation anxiety, when out in public and there are some new faces around, I notice he holds on to me a little tighter.  He will still smile and clap and maybe wave, but doesn’t want me to let go of him.  And as long as I am in his line of sight while playing by himself he is fine, the second I go around the corner he panics and starts crying.  He is still a champion sleeper and such a joy and source of entertainment and amazement for us, he is a blessing and we couldn’t ask for anything more.

Here is our 9 month old



Catch up

We’ve been busy…we’ve spent a lot of time with family.  Justin’s cousins came for a night and we had a great time catching up with them, I was having such a good time that I didn’t pick up my camera once.  We also drove in to visit my grandma and had dinner with some of my aunts, uncles and cousins.  I’ll share more about that later.  Justin went to Iowa for 3 days for a conference so I got a taste of what it is like to be a single mom.  All went well, but I was so glad when he came home!  And last week we went out to dinner to celebrate our 7 year wedding anniversary! So I am a bit behind…I did take Jacob’s weekly pictures every Sunday but have not had time to post them.  So here goes…

36 weeks

IMG_2414ed37 weeks

IMG_2445ed38 weeks

IMG_2454edA lot has been happening with Jacob in the past few weeks too!  While he has been babbling for quite some time now, he is now stringing together sounds to say Da Da and Ma Ma.  His favorite thing to do these days is clap, now everything is worthy of a round of applause!  And he figured out how to push himself into a sitting position from his tummy (and is so proud of himself every time he does it and starts clapping the second he is upright).  It is so cute to watch him and fun to see his mobility expanding, but the challenging thing is it is taking longer for him to go down to sleep since he immediately pushes himself into a sitting position when you put him in his crib and babbles and claps while enjoying the new perspective.

Next week is Jacob’s follow up appointment with his pediatrician and I have a feeling once we find out how tall he is it will be time to get a new car seat since he seems to be quickly outgrowing his.  I got tired of squeezing him in his 6 month clothes and finally made the time to get the box out with his 9 month old clothes, so he is no longer breaking out the bottoms of his PJs (for now).  While I was doing his laundry this week, I came to the realization that he gets a whole new wardrobe pretty much every other month, lucky guy!  We’ll be back soon 🙂