We have everything blue and boy in this house, my husband, my son and the dog have me outnumbered.  So when I get a chance to take pictures of girls I love the fun colors and textures of girly clothes. My friend, Dana, got this adorable pink little number for her little Aubrey at her baby shower.



Aubrey let me get a few pictures of her in sleepy mode, but then she was intrigued by the clicking sound my camera makes and was wide awake for the rest of our session.


IMG_1690edBig brother AJ was curious about all the girly fuss we were making and came over to check it out

IMG_1632edI just love that cute face!  We then convinced him to join in with his little sister

IMG_1711edAubrey is pretty lucky to have her big brother to watch over her as they grow up!


Anticipating Aubrey

One of my girlfriends asked me to take some maternity pictures of her during her second pregnancy.  I did the same thing 3 years ago when she was pregnant with her son, before I got my “nice” camera and I was just starting to toy around with the idea of learning more about photography.

Now, Dana is pregnant with a little girl, Aubrey (actually she had Aubrey a little over a month ago, I’m a bit behind on photos!)  She chose the Midland Railroad Park in Poway as the location.  This is one of my favorite places because of the rustic backdrop.


IMG_9950edPretty momma!IMG_9946edEvery time I get together with Dana and her son, he is so excited to tell me that baby Aubrey is in mommy’s belly.


I just know he is going to be a great big brother!

IMG_0026ed IMG_0109edWhile we were taking pictures we noticed a sign at the park across the street that was named Aubrey Park, it was meant to be!


IMG_9990edSoon I will get her newborn photos up!

2nd Anniversary

I know, I know, I am on a blogging roll!  Lots to share!

Last Sunday our church celebrated our 2nd anniversary with another chili cook off!  We had a wonderful guest speaker during the service and celebrated afterwards in the park.  We invited our local fire department to come participate and the kids loved getting to explore the fire truck.  Julia and I wanted to recreate the picture we took last year on the back of the truck with our pregnant bellies, unfortunately, they had the truck backed up into the edge of the parking lot and there was a tree obstructing the back.  But we made it work anyway and got some cute shots with the kiddos.


IMG_1900edOne of the firemen we were talking to even noticed that Jacob had a big fire truck on his shirt 🙂

IMG_1905edWe thanked the firemen for serving our community and let them dive into the chili

IMG_1919edIMG_1924edAfter lunch we spread out a blanket and let the kiddos play

IMG_1907edKJ and Jacob were passing a toy back and forth “taking turns” playing/chewing on it

IMG_1911edIMG_1915edIMG_1917edOur blanket quickly filled up with friends and even our buddy Micah joined us

IMG_1929edAnd here is our 35 week old


How San Diegan Are You?

A few years ago San Diego Magazine published an article (more like a checklist) that was called “How San Diegan Are You?”  It had a list of a hundred different things to do in San Diego and you were to go through the list and check off all the things you have done and count them up, then according to your tally you could determine how “San Diegan” you were.  I made a copy of the list and Justin and I sat down one night and checked off all the things we’ve done, since then whenever we have a free day (which is rare and why we have not completed the list in the last few years) we will go do something on the list that we have not done.

One thing on the list is the Mt Soledad Veterans Memorial.  This memorial has been the center of much heated debate and controversy over the years and has been all over the news and its cross way up on a hill can be seen while driving on the 5 freeway and from many places in San Diego.  So the fact that we “see” the cross all the time, it didn’t really seem like it would be anything special to actually visit the memorial to “see” the cross up close.  However, last weekend, we were wanting to get out of our house and in search of some cooler weather we decided to drive up to the memorial and check it out.


We spent some time looking at the memorial plaques surrounding the cross


We we walked the perimeter of the park and took in all the gorgeous views of San Diego (and enjoyed the cooler breeze!)


It didn’t take very long to do but we both agreed that it is a nice memorial and a a fun little adventure if you have some spare time.


We are so thankful for all our veterans who have served our country and those who currently are serving our country.  We couldn’t live our life like we do without you.

Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.Ephesians 6:11


On Labor Day “the 3 of us who became 6” got together for a play date (we let the daddies join in on the fun too).  The first to arrive was Sammie, they got busy playing.

IMG_1774edThen KJ showed up and joined in on the fun!

IMG_1775edIt is going to be great to watch the 3 of them grow up and play together over the years.

IMG_1783edI am so thankful for these kiddos (and their mommies & daddies too)!


When Jacob turned 6 months old I took some fun pictures of him to document the occasion, because I clearly don’t have enough pictures of him, right??….. I thought I better get them up here before he turns one!  So let’s flash back 2 months and revisit our 6 month old.

First, I put a white blanket down and just let him roll around


he loved the gauzy, stretchy texture of the blanket and kept playing with it.

IMG_0186edHe always had a grip on the blanket with one hand and was playing with his feet with the other.

IMG_0182edIMG_0180edWhen I was pregnant, we were showered by so many wonderful people and Jacob got so many wonderful gifts.  One of my favorite things was the books!  I am a bookworm and at my family shower everyone brought books for Jacob and wrote a little note to him inside.  Before every nap and bedtime we read stories and we tell him who the book came from.  Jacob has really come to love his story time.
IMG_0354edJacob has quite the library!  We have the classics, some are new books that I haven’t seen before and some are the same books that Justin and I remember reading when we were little.


We’ve read some of these books over and over and over again that I have them memorized.  I’ve actually recited some books from memory to Jacob while driving to entertain him when he gets bored in the backseat.


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned in a previous post that Jacob has a birthmark on his left shoulder?  I love that you can see it in these pictures.

IMG_0231edJacob started sitting up on his own the day before his 6 month birthday, so this was a new concept for him, and he was enjoying the new perspective.

IMG_0239edJustin couldn’t stop at sitting, he had to see if Jacob would stand, which he did…for just a few seconds.

IMG_0211edFinally, if you remember the tie Jacob wore in his newborn photos, you’ll appreciate these.






Lately I feel like I’ve become a marathon runner.  Life has been kind of crazy busy these last couple of months.  I keep saying it’s partly because it’s summer, partly because we are not the type to just sit around,  and partly because we now have a 3rd little guy (and sometimes a dog) that tags along with us wherever we go.

But when I stop and think about it, I know it is not going to change.  Summer will turn into fall and then winter where we will be busy with the holidays, then it will be a new year and we will be celebrating birthdays and then spring will turn into summer again and the cycle keeps going.  We will always be planning something.  And Jacob (and Apollo) are not going anywhere anytime soon (not that I want them to).

But then I really stop and think about it and if I had a choice…I wouldn’t change a thing.  It is all good stuff. Sure it is a lot of work, but it is fun.  Our lives have been filled to the brim with mini vacations, long vacations, having people over, going to friends houses, birthdays, pool dates with neighbors, photography sessions, BBQ’s, catching up with old friends who are in town, being with family, zoo dates, church, work, girls night, beach days, parties, baby play dates, golf tournaments, and on and on and on……

I find myself often saying I just want a day to relax and not have to worry about going somewhere or getting ready for anything, or packing and unpacking and doing laundry after a trip, but at the same time, I find myself filling up the empty days in my calendar with things to do.  I remember a time when I was feeling a hole in my life, I was feeling like I was stuck in a rut and didn’t see any way out of it.  We were just as busy then as we are now, but a (big) part of me was just not happy, I knew I wanted more. Now that I have our precious little boy, I find that I often remind myself of that time whenever I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed out or feeling like I want to lock myself up in my house and turn off my cell phone and computer for a few days.

It is all good stuff.  I am full. Sure, I am tired, I am sick of doing laundry, and I would love a massage or just an afternoon of sipping a girly drink with an umbrella while floating on a raft in the pool (which I actually got to do for about 5 minutes two weekends ago before Jacob woke up from his nap, it was a glorious 5 minutes!) But again, I wouldn’t change a thing.  Life is good, it’s crazy, sometimes I have to remind myself to breathe when looking at my calendar, but it is filled with life. I am full. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Because of all our fullness, I am behind on posting Jacob’s weekly photos, so here they are.

32 weeks

32 wks - 1594ed33 weeks

33 wks - 1617edand this week he is 8 months old!

34 wks - 1763edA few things about Jacob over this past month…

  • When Justin comes home from work, he has started “jumping” out of my arms and reaching for Justin.  The first time he did that, both our hearts just melted!
  • He is giving kisses now, granted, they are wet, slobbery, open mouthed, but they are kisses 🙂
  • He is finally getting a tooth in!  I can feel the sharpness of it in his gums, but it hasn’t actually popped up yet, I’m sure it will soon.
  • Last week we brought him to my office and weighed him and he is now a little over 18 lbs.  We are convinced he grew an inch in the last few weeks too, since we noticed his legs are definitely longer.