The Hardy Boys

No I am not talking about the books…To me the Hardy boys are living, breathing and very active little boys.  My sweet friend Angelina is married to the oldest Hardy boy, and she is the mom of 3 younger Hardy boys.  You may remember the pictures I took of them last year. Since I took those pictures, they added a 3rd boy to their family.

Angelina has pictures of her two older boys in the same pose snuggling a teddy bear when they were 6 weeks old.  A while back she asked me if I would take the same picture of her youngest when he was 6 weeks old.  So we set a date and had a fun little photo shoot.

IMG_9372cOf course we couldn’t do just one measly photo, so this turned into a bit of a family session!  When we arrived, the boys had just gotten out of school and they were full of e.n.e.r.g.y.  They asked me to take pictures of them doing karate moves while bouncing around the couch.














Once baby brother was ready for his closeup, they stopped jumping around to give him some kisses. IMG_9332edBrotherly love IMG_9409edIMG_9419edWhen attempting to get a family photo, it is a bit tricky to get more than one child to look at the camera, keep their eyes open AND smile.  So I’ve found that if I play around with them a bit and ask them to give me a silly face, then an excited pose, scary face, or serious, etc…then ask them to smile I usually end up with a decent one.  Plus it makes for some fun goofy photos too!

This one is my absolute favorite one, I just told them to give me their excited faces! IMG_9464edThen a good old fashioned happy smile 🙂 IMG_9439edI had SO much fun with these pictures, I was laughing out loud while working on them getting ready to give to Angelina, the boys were being so silly.  I kept thinking about Jacob and what he will be like when he grows up.  One thing for sure you can count on me to be ready with a camera when he is doing karate moves on the couch.  Check back in a few years for those.

Angelina is such an inspiration being an amazing woman, teacher, mother (and the only female!) in the midst of the chaos of the Hardy boys.  I am so glad we are friends and that they added the third boy to their family.  Now Jacob has a boy close to his age to run around with (we are surrounded by baby girls at the moment) and I just know they are going to be best buddies!

Surf’s up

A couple of weekends ago we planned to meet Justin’s parents and grandma in Oceanside to celebrate grandma’s 89th birthday.  Unfortunately she got sick and couldn’t make it 🙁  They also had a family friend, Peyton, in town visiting who we wanted to see, so we still got together.  It was a beautiful San Diego day and we had lunch overlooking the Oceanside Pier.  When we arrived there were SO many people out and about, more than your typical Saturday afternoon, so we knew something was going on.  Turns out, it was a female surfing competition.  Apparently it was a pretty big deal and competitors from all over the world came to participate.  So after lunch we walked out to the pier to watch.  All the people lined up at the bottom of the picture were waiting for the next surfer to walk out to the water.

IMG_1288edTurns out that the surfer was Bethany Hamilton, who became famous a while back after she lost her arm to a shark and returned to professional surfing. In fact I am pretty sure they made a movie about her?

IMG_1291edSomething new I learned that day was that the surfers make their way out to the water by going out under the pier so they don’t have to fight the waves (obviously I don’t know that much about surfing).  If you look closely you can see her swimming out from underneath the pier.


The line of people are now watching the water

IMG_1299ed3 generations of Frisco men watching all the people


Papa & Nonie with Jacob

IMG_1279edand us with Peyton

IMG_1275edWe didn’t stick around all day so I have no idea how the competition ended, but it was fun to watch for a little while.

Weekend fun

We have been so busy every weekend this summer we haven’t had a free weekend to to relax and and say “what do you want to do today?”  Last weekend we finally had that.  We started it off having some friends over for dinner on Friday night.  Saturday we had a lazy morning at home, then that afternoon we went to the Powerhouse Park in Del Mar.  We simply just sat and watched the waves crashing, the seagulls flying and all the people swimming, lounging and walking by.

IMG_1468edIt was one of those days where all we could talk about was how lucky we are to live in such an amazing city.  We also have had such a mild summer, we did have a heat wave in June that lasted for about a week and a half, otherwise, it has been beautiful!  Saturday was no exception, it was an absolute perfect afternoon. Jacob enjoyed the new sights and watching and hearing the train go by was pretty fascinating for him.


And if you think all Jacob does is smile, well you are right, pretty much 85% of the time he is one happy little dude, 5% of the time he is fussy because he is tired, or he is demanding our attention or he doesn’t want to eat whatever new food I am trying to feed him (another post on food will be coming soon), and the other 10% of the time he is ferociously chewing and gnawing on anything he can get his hands on.  In this case, a giraffe was his victim.


On Sunday after church we went to the pool with our neighbors who have a 10 month old girl, who just recently started walking!! Note, Jacob is chewing again…

Pool dayIMG_1474edAnd here is our 31 week old!


Cowboy Style

One thing that we did get at the tractor show was a cowboy hat for Jacob.  Apparently they don’t make cowboy hats for babies, at least we couldn’t find any, but we found some kid sized ones, Jacob was asleep in his carrier at the time so we couldn’t try it on him, but he has a big noggin so we figured it would be close enough.  It was a tad bit too big, but he wore it proudly! Just pretend that his jumper is in fact a horse


Who doesn’t like to go for a ride in the morning in your PJs and cowboy hat?


I mean it is great exercise and the perfect way to start your day


Giddy up!!


And my absolute favorite picture of my boys is now this one

photo 2 (3)

My brother and sister in law bought a ranch about 10 minutes away from my parents.  So we went over there one day and looked at the house and property.  I absolutely love old barns and have always wanted to do some pictures in a rustic beat up barn and my brother had one.  So we found a spot along a wall and set up some hay and had a little photo shoot.  My mom was holding Jacob while I was getting the settings on my camera ready and they looked so cute, I started snapping.


Then we got my dad and Jane in the picture and Jane and Jacob had to say their hello’s before we could get down to business.

IMG_0975ed IMG_0977edThen everyone was all smiles 🙂

IMG_0994edAfter taking a bunch of pictures, we realized that Jacob didn’t have his cowboy hat on, so of course, we had to take more.

IMG_1034edThen it was mom and dad’s turn

IMG_1081edIMG_1065edOur handsome little cowboy


IMG_1161edBack at my parents ranch it was a beautiful evening so we spent some time out on the porch.  If you remember the pictures we took with the tractors last year, you will recognize this one

IMG_1215edWe had lots of good old fashioned playtime


On our last night there, my parents neighbors came over to visit and meet Jacob.


My brother and his wife came over and we ended our trip with a family dinner.


We had such a good time and really enjoyed the relaxing (but busy) time away from home.  We didn’t get the extra third seat on the plane ride home, but Jacob was such a good little traveler and slept the entire flight! Grandma and Grandpa wore him out!

photo 3 (3)

Tractors, tractors and more tractors

The next day we had a relaxing morning and then went into town to do some shopping at a farmers market and the guys went to the butcher and got some HUGE steaks for dinner.  When we got back to the ranch that afternoon we did one of our favorite things to do in Oregon, target practice.

The guys went up on the hill behind the ranch to set up the target, which was a large piece of wood with a drawing of a bat, cougar, raccoon, beaver and a bear on it.

IMG_0618edIMG_0627edAfter putting Jacob to bed I walked up the hill to join them.

IMG_0625edIMG_0649edAfter each person had their turn the board was inspected to see where the shots landed and mark them off.

IMG_0631edIMG_0651edView of the ranch

IMG_0636edThe following day was the very much anticipated annual “Great Oregon Steam Up” in Brooks which is a little over an hour north of the ranch.  It is a big fair type event over a few days that is dedicated to the restoration and operation of antique steam powered engines and farm equipment.  My parents friends Vicki & Roscoe joined us again and the guys had big plans for the day and wanted to get there the minute it opened.  So they left shortly after 6:00 am that way they could have a big breakfast and get all the things they wanted to do and look at done before we got there.  Which included watching the loggers in action. loggersAfter getting ready at a more reasonable hour my mom, Jacob and I picked up Vicki and drove up to meet the guys.  We had lunch, wandered around the swap meet that had all kind of neat antiques and looked at lots and lots of old tractors.  Then it came time for the tractor parade, we found some seats in the grandstands and watched an hour and a half of every kind of antique tractor you could imagine go by.

IMG_0659edIMG_0666edEven this little guy got in the spirit with his new John Deere hat from grandma & grandpa.



As much as I tried to take pictures of the tractors that were going by

IMG_0664edThis guy will always steal the attention of my camera lens


On the way home we stopped in Eugene to eat some delicious pizza at Track Town Pizza on the University of Oregon campus.  Back at the ranch we continued the tractor theme of the day and started up grandpa’s 1952 John Deere Model R Diesel tractor.


Look at the tires on that thing (and Jacob’s excited face)!IMG_0859edIMG_0845 (2)ed

IMG_0880 (2)ed IMG_0892edWe ended the day with a bath in grandma’s kitchen sink before bed

bathtime2Okay that’s enough for today, I have one more Oregon post coming up soon! Good Night!

Leaving on a jet plane

Three days after Balboa we made our annual trip to Oregon to visit my parents.  This being the first “big travel” vacation with Jacob, packing was quite the production! We made sure to stop packing for a bit to play with our little guy before he went to bed.


We woke up early the next morning and Jacob was excited to start his adventure on his first airplane ride!

photo 1 (2)

It was a bit daunting thinking about everything we had to do to get all our stuff to the airport, through security and then how Jacob was going to handle the airplane ride.  But everything went seamlessly and all the TSA people were actually quite pleasant and very helpful! On the flight up to Oregon the third seat next to us on the plane was not reserved (yay!!) so we were able to take the car seat onto the plane with us.  Jacob did great during the plane ride and didn’t fuss at all.  Whew!

We arrived to my parents in the late afternoon and got settled, gave Jacob a bath and put him down to bed for the night.  The next day we loaded up the truck and drove east of my parents ranch up the mountain to Odell Lake.  It was a beautiful drive through the plush forest and small towns.  My parents friends, Vicki & Roscoe, rode up on their Harley and met us there.  First we walked along the lake for a bit.

IMG_0479ed IMG_0476ed

Vicki is a mom to some grown boys and a grandma herself so she was right at home with Jacob.


In fact the Carhartt shirt that Jacob is wearing was a gift from them


Jacob’s favorite thing to do these days is bite down (not sucking) on his finger (I’m still waiting for a tooth to break through!)


The weather was perfect and we had lunch at the lodge out on the patio overlooking the lake.  It also made for a nice view for this momma when it came time for Jacob to have his lunch (and be burped, while biting his finger).

photo 1After lunch we walked through the picnic area/campsites by the river

IMG_0506edIMG_0503edMy parents dog, Jane, is such a sweetheart!


Must have been something interesting on the ground?


It was a beautiful drive and a relaxing, peaceful lunch.

Every night after dinner we always play a few rounds of the marble game and when the boys get tired of the girls beating them 🙂 we go out on the back deck to enjoy our wine and wait for the moon to come up.

IMG_0613edIt doesn’t start getting dark until about 9:00 pm, then around 10:00 pm the moon finally starts to come out.

IMG_0527edThe tiny light on the mountain below the moon is the light shining from the town veterinarian’s house.

IMG_0533edThe next day we stayed around the ranch and had a cattle round up.  I’m pretty sure my parents save this event for when we are in town since we’ve done it pretty much every year while we are up there. But we don’t mind, it is fun for us city slickers! After getting the cows through the “shoot” where they got their shots and tags my parents and Justin saddled up the horses and moved the cows into the field in front of the house.

IMG_0551edIMG_0557edWell…they moved most of the cows…They left some of them in the back field to wean the calves from the mothers.  So for the next several days we heard lots of moooooooing back and forth between the mamas and babies, I definitely had some sympathy for those mama cows!

IMG_0587edIMG_0603edIMG_0584edThat night we went to the Dexter Lake Club for dinner and the best burger in town.

photo 1 (3)photo 4

Jacob is grabbing at everything in sight and putting it in his mouth, your beer is no exception 🙂

photo 5

Every night before putting Jacob to bed we read to him.  He loves stories!  Very rarely do I get to see his face while we are reading since I am usually the one reading to him.  So I had to get my camera out to capture this.

IMG_0569edIMG_0565edHe takes story time pretty seriously!

IMG_0573edAnd yes, we were reading about Mr Brown making mooing sounds like the cows outside.

IMG_0576ed I’ll be back soon with more on our trip! XO

Balboa Baby

We did our annual trip to Balboa Island where Justin’s parents rent a beach house for a few weeks every summer.  We packed the car full to the brim of all of Jacob’s necessities (pack n play, stroller, etc…) as well as all the beach necessities (beach chairs, towels, umbrella, etc…) we barely had enough room for us and drove to Balboa for the day.  True to beach weather it was cool and overcast all morning, but we were sure it would burn off later in the afternoon.  We visited, played with Jacob and played cards while he took his nap.  Unfortunately, the sun never came out…so we didn’t make it out on the sand.  Instead we loaded Jacob in the stroller and walked into “town”, where we browsed the shops and got a little exercise. That evening some extended family came to the beach house and Papa cooked up a fabulous dinner as always and we enjoyed our time visiting with them.

It was too bad that the sun never came out, we were looking forward to letting Jacob play in the sand again.  But he didn’t seem to mind, since he got lots and lots of cuddles from his GiGi who calls him her “little heater” since he keeps her warm when it is cold.



And of course Nonnie got in on the snuggles too


Here’s to hoping the sun is out when we go next year!

We are back

July was an incredibly busy but fun month!  We were all over the place spending time with family and I have so many pictures to share with you.  But before I tackle that, I want to catch up on our weekly photos.

Here’s our 28 week old

28 wks - 0452edAnd our 29 week old

29 wks - 1252edAnd (my favorite!) our 7 month old 🙂

30 wks - 1304edIt is really getting harder and harder to get him to leave the animals alone, I’m sure it will make for some cute pictures in the future.  I’ll be back soon, I promise!