We have a lot going on in the next 2 weeks so I will be MIA for a while.  I promise to come back with stories and pictures to share, until then, here is our 27 week old.


Summer lovin…

…had me a blast!  Summer lovin happened so fast!  Okay, all you Grease fans keep singing the song….

Summer is in full swing here.  Now that the June gloom has worn off we have had some beautiful weather (we also had a bit of a heat wave.  I know all you Palm Desert people are rolling your eyes at me, I know…I know…) Anyway, we have really enjoyed getting together with friends almost every weekend for a BBQ/potluck dinners.  We even had some friends ask us the night before if we were okay with Steak and Lobster for dinner?  Uh, yes, please!!  We’ve had zoo dates, park dates and lunch dates.  We truly have some fantastic friends, and it is great to see everyone in a group setting, but it is hard to connect with everyone and really visit with people in a large group sometimes, so I love these smaller gatherings especially when we can sit outside and enjoy our beautiful San Diego weather!

I thought I better get my 4th of July pictures up before it is August!  The 4th was the perfect opportunity to introduce Jacob to his first true beach experience!  We’ve walked along the beach many times, but this was the first time he was actually on the sand.  It was a gorgeous day, sunny and warm then it cooled off a bit in the late afternoon.  We have some good friends who live on the bay and every year for the 4th they set up camp on the beach complete with a BBQ and all the fixings.  It is such a fun, relaxing environment complete with good company.

IMG_9855edJacob got to spend time with one of his girlfriends KJ, who was intent on holding his hand in every picture!

IMG_9886edThen his buddy Micah woke up from his nap and we all gathered for a photo op, but KJ was not surrendering him to Micah, she held on tight 🙂

IMG_9895edFamily photo

IMG_9881edJacob loved the beach and enjoyed all the new sights!  Even when it came to naptime, he just snuggled in for a bit…


and then woke up ready to go!

IMG_9914ed IMG_9901ed

Hope you had a fantastic 4th of July!



A few weeks ago, Jacob started sleeping on his side.  In fact, he couldn’t fall asleep until he was resting comfortably on his side.  During naps, he was pretty still while he slept.  At night however, he was quite the busybody!  After falling asleep on his side, he would roll on to his back and then onto his other side and he put his feet on the slats in the crib and pushed off them to the next slat all the way around the crib.  We would say he was walking the perimeter. He would roll from one side to the other and from the top end of the crib to the bottom all night long.  Every time I looked at the monitor I would have to move the camera to find him in his crib because he was never in the same place.  But he stayed asleep through all this, except when he got himself wedged into a corner and couldn’t get out then he would start to fuss and one of us would go flip him over or move him down and he would go right back to sleep.  It was kind of fun since I never knew where he was going to be in the morning when we woke up and it provided lots of entertainment watching him wiggle around on the monitor. Our joke is instead of watching our 60 inch TV…we are glued to the 2.5 inch baby monitor!

I would put him to sleep this way


All night long he would move around…(sorry for the bad photos, I wasn’t about to turn the light on and risk waking him up to improve the focus for this shot)


And I never knew what position he would be in when we woke up


Now, however…He has discovered sleeping on his stomach.  One night he went to sleep on his side like usual, I woke up in the middle of the night and looked at the monitor and he was sleeping on his stomach, I flew out of bed and raced into his room and immediately flipped him over.  An hour later, I woke up again and he was back on his belly, I didn’t panic that time, but I did go flip him over.  Then some time later I woke up a 3rd time and he was back on his belly again, I gave up.  I closed my eyes and said “Lord, I’m turning it over to you, please keep him breathing.”  I know babies sleep on their bellies all the time, but these days they really make a big deal about putting babies to sleep on their backs to prevent SIDS.  Jacob is now past that phase, but because of that it is kind of scary to see your child make the transition to sleeping on their stomach for the first time.

For a little guy who has never been a fan of tummy time, now LOVES to sleep on his belly.  Every time I put him down for a nap or to bed for the night, he immediately flips onto his belly, and tucks his legs underneath him and starts to push up, it looks like he is going to take off crawling at any minute when he does that.  He does this for about 10 minutes before he falls asleep, we say he’s doing his exercises before bed.

Good night!

photo 2

Happy medium

Sometime in the first two weeks after Jacob was born, I was a little concerned with how much he was sleeping.  I mean I know newborns sleep alot, but I didn’t think alot meant all.the.time…I was sure something was wrong.  I remember saying to my mom, “Shouldn’t he be awake more?  He sleeps ALL the time”  My mom laughed and said “He’s fine…enjoy this time, it won’t last.”  Sure enough as time went on, he woke up more and more to the world around him and I was feeling much better and more confident that nothing was wrong with him.

In fact, he was so alert and was only taking 30 minute naps!  And he could only tolerate being awake for about 2 hours before he needed to sleep, so the days were a constant cycle of awake for 2 hours, sleep for 30 minutes, awake for 2 hours, sleep for 30 minutes…He was up, down, up, down, up, down all day long!  Thankfully he was sleeping good at night, but I was getting a little frustrated with the 30 minute naps since I couldn’t get a single thing done during the day.  I even asked my pediatrician about it and he asked how Jacob was sleeping at night, I told him he was sleeping great averaging anywhere from 10-12 hours.  And he basically told me that babies this age need about 13-14 hours of sleep.  So if he is sleeping 12 hours at night, then four 30 minute naps during the day is perfectly fine.  I must have had a strange look on my face and since I didn’t say anything right away (I was still trying to process it in my head and quickly do the math), he must have realized that was not the answer I was looking for!  And he casually said…“well, you can put him on an activity mat on the floor next to you while you take care of a few things.”  Yeah right, like I am able to just leave him laying around, it’s way more fun to get down on the ground and play with him.

As time went on he would occasionally tease me with naps that were longer than 30 minutes, I would literally text Justin and say “Whoo Hooo he slept for 40 minutes!” That extra 10 minutes made a big difference.  And there were times he would sleep for an hour and I didn’t know what to do with myself since I was sure he was going to wake up any minute during the last 30 minutes of that hour. I couldn’t get too involved in a project because I was sure he was going to wake up at any second.  So on those rare occasions after the first 30 minutes, I would watch the monitor while working on my computer just waiting and expecting him to wake up.  When he surprised me with an hour long nap, I would anticipate him taking an hour long nap at the same time the next day and would plan my day around it and plan things I wanted to get done during that time, and of course he would go back to his 30 minute catnap and throw everything off.

Now I am excited to say this past month he has taken more hour long naps than 30 minute ones! In fact he has been napping for up to two hours!  That is HUGE around here.  Occasionally, he will surprise me with a 30-45 minute one here and there, but I am starting to rely on at least an hour, anything more is an added plus.

He is such a good baby in so many ways…and one of those ways is that he will sleep on the go.  He will sleep in the car, in my arms, in the stroller, no matter how loud the environment is, he will sleep when he needs it.  It makes our life so much easier!  I like to make sure he gets at least one good nap in his crib then I don’t mind if he naps on the go.  We’ve finally reached a happy medium in the napping department!

Here is our 26 week old 🙂



Check up

Yesterday we had Jacob’s 6 month check up.  Our pediatrician was very pleased and said he is a very healthy baby boy and all is well!  He gave us the green light to start fruits and vegetables, so I’ve been reading up on homemade baby food and am getting ready to bust out my food processor and steamer.  I am sure they are going to become permanent fixtures on my kitchen counter now.  We talked about Jacob’s motor skills and he seems to be right on track, he warned us that he could start crawling at anytime and we should start baby proofing our house. So our multi-level home will be quite the display of baby gates soon.

Of course with a check up there are always those lovely shots…Jacob handled them better this time than he did at his 4 month check up.  He was all smiles when we got home and slept it off with a 2.5 hour nap in afternoon!  Today he had a little fever and was a bit fussy at times and I think he is still achy and just not feeling 100% due to the shots.  He is still drooling and chewing on everything so I am expecting a tooth to pop through any day now.  I have to say that this past month from 5 months to 6 months has been so much fun!  I mean all of it has been fun, but this last month he seemed to change and grow in so many different ways that has made for some exciting changes around here.  Every day seemed to be something new.  I know it is only going to keep getting better!  Here are his latest stats:

  • Jacob weighs 17 lbs 6 oz (47th percentile)
  • Jacob is 27.25 inches long (77th percentile)
  • The circumference of his head is 17.25 inches (65th percentile)

AND…..check out his latest skill!

photo 3

We have a sitter!

6 months

Sorry I’ve been MIA for almost 2 weeks, we’ve been busy!  Summer is in full swing and our calendar has been packed.  I have so many great pictures & stories to share with you and they will come, but right now I just wanted to focus on the fact that Jacob is 6 months old today!  That went by sooooo fast!  The time from 5 to 6 months has been my favorite time so far, it is so much fun.  He still continues to sleep 11-12 hours at night, he recently started taking longer naps during he day (Hallelujah!) and in the last 2 days he has mastered the art of sitting up by himself.  He’s still a bit wobbly so I am always there to catch him but it is amazing to see how he went from sitting up with assistance to sitting by himself in 2 days.

I’ll be back with more stories and pictures soon, but for now, here is our 6 month old 🙂