It has been 1 year…

…since I started this blog.

A year ago, when I was setting everything up, I only bought 1 year of hosting, even though I would have gotten a deal if I purchased more than one year. I didn’t know if I was going to really do this, or if anyone was even going to be interested in reading it, so I figured I would just do one year, then see what happens.  It took me by surprise when I got the renewal email, I can’t believe I’ve kept it up this long!  This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but I didn’t know what the focus of the blog would be since I didn’t think anyone would really be interested in the lives of Justin and Michelle.  But when I got pregnant…I knew that would capture the audience of friends and family!  I am so glad I finally did start this, ironically enough the author of one of the blogs I like to follow just came up on the 4th anniversary of her blog.  She did a great job talking about doing your “thing”, read it here.

I do have a few favorite blogs that I follow about photography, DIY, baking, motherhood and just life in general (check them out, they are listed on the right side of the page).  They are funny, sad, inspirational, informative and thought provoking.  Some of the authors of these blogs really have a talent for writing and captivate their readers, I mean some are published authors.  I am not a writer, but I try to make it interesting so you keep coming back for something.

This blog serves so many different purposes. At first it was a way for us to share our story. I spent so much time reading stories of other people who were struggling just as we were and it was comforting knowing that I was not alone.  I hope that our story will provide some hope for someone else. Then it became a fun way for me to share my pregnancy journey with family.  Also, if you know me well or have been reading along, you know I love to take pictures and take lots of them.  So this is a great way for me to do something with the pictures I take.  Now it keeps our family and friends up to date in what is going on in our (or rather Jacob’s) lives (life).  And it is a great way for me to document Jacob’s milestones, growth, achievements and of course his cute little face. I do have a baby book that I am working on, but you can’t really tell stories in a baby book and they also can’t hold the thousands of pictures I take.  I know there will come a time when Jacob will roll his eyes at this and say “really mom…” (at least that is what I would have done when I was a teenager), but I hope someday when he is an adult and has a family of his own he will appreciate it.

Sure it is a lot of work…Some posts involve a lot of emotion and thoughts which require time (which I have little of now these days) to organize those thoughts and figure out the best way to convey them in a written form.  I’m sure if I was a man it would be a much simpler task, I mean really, it is not easy trying to organize the millions of thoughts that go through a woman’s mind into a blog post.  Some posts are simply just to document and share pictures, these have been the majority lately.  One thing that has really encouraged me to keep up with this are the messages I get from all of you.  The fact that I know there is someone out there reading this and they actually care makes me want to stay up a little later at night to write a post.  I love all the texts, phone calls and emails you all have sent my way, thank you!  I would really love it if you have thoughts or comments to leave a comment on on the blog, some of you have and I do read them all, I promise!  It would be great to have all your comments here so they can get documented along with everything else.

Thank you for checking in and thank you for all the encouragement to keep this going, I did renew it for another year!

And I couldn’t do a post without a picture (of Jacob of course) 🙂

Here’s our 24 week old


3 thoughts on “It has been 1 year…

  1. We get such joy from you sharing with us!
    So glad it will continue.
    We fall more in love everyday with our little man!!!

  2. He gets cuter every time I see him!! Good job on the blog – I think you will SO pleased that you have taken the time to keep it. It will serve many purposes as time goes on!! Love you!

  3. By all means, keep up this blog! Your posts are the highlight of my day (when I get to read my email). All of us who follow you and your wonderful young family are blessed! Knowing your roots and your relationships are just an added plus–but I bet strangers are inspired by your thoughts, as well. Your heart, passion, motherly devotion–and great photography 🙂 — come shining through, and are eagerly anticipated! God bless you all, and Bravo, Mom!

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