Pulling his weight

I have a VHS video of Justin strutting his stuff down a catwalk as a Bullock’s kid modeling their boy’s clothing. Somehow I need to get that converted to a DVD so we can watch it since we don’t even own a VCR player.  As a young teenager, my mom schlepped me back and forth to Los Angeles countless times for photo shoots, casting calls and meetings with my agent and I did some local fashion shows as well. So when it comes to modeling Jacob comes by it naturally…he had his first modeling gig today!

A friend of ours at church who owns a design company was looking for a baby for one of his projects and was not finding what he was looking for through the modeling agencies.  He thought Jacob was just what he needed and asked if we would be interested. I probably shouldn’t go into details about the project yet since I don’t know if it is supposed to be public knowledge or not, but once I get the finished product I’ll share it with you!  We spent the morning at a studio taking a bazillion photos.

Jacob did great and they were pleased with the results!


God knows he has had plenty of experience in front of a camera, this blog is a testament to that!  At 11 weeks old we’ve got this kid trained to start pulling his weight around here and working to contribute to paying the family expenses (or at least his diapers) 🙂

The 3 of us became 6

Remember my two girlfriends who were pregnant the same time I was?  We took belly shots at Jaime’s shower, Julia’s shower and my shower.  We have had so much fun with the babies since they’ve arrived!  On Sunday we watched the Aztec game with a group of our college friends and we finally got it together to take a picture of the three of us and the babies.
IMG_7892edJaime’s little girl has mastered the art of thumb sucking and she makes it look absolutely adorable! Julia’s little girl has the most captivating eyes, the kind of eyes that grab your attention from a mile away.  Her daddy will be carrying a shotgun around when she’s older I’m sure!  And then there’s Jacob the boy, we are surrounded by baby girls, even ones who have not been born yet.  He sure is going to have his ladies to choose from!
It is going to be so much fun watching these three grow up over the years!


Jacob is 11 weeks old… We wore our red and black Aztec colors today to support SDSU in March Madness.  Unfortunately, they lost tonight’s game 🙁 It’s funny, he is all smiles until I start taking pictures and he becomes so serious and stoic.  I hope he is not developing an aversion to my camera, either that or he is in shock at his daddy dancing and waving around behind me taking pictures trying to get him to smile.

We’ve had a pretty great week as far as sleep goes!  He went back to 6.5 to 7 hours between feedings at night and also started taking a long (2 to 2.5 hr) nap in the morning then another decent nap in the early afternoon as well as his 30 minute catnaps in between.  This is a much needed improvement from his every 3 to 4 hour awakenings he has been doing the previous 2 weeks. Which means  I am a happy momma these days 🙂

About a week and a half ago every time I went to feed him during the night he had wriggled his way out of his swaddle.  At first he just wanted access to his hands so he could shove his fists into his mouth.  Then he completely freed his arms and lays with them outstretched.  He broke out of 3 different swaddle types that I have, so I gave up on swaddling him and that is the end of that phase.  Occasionally I will still swaddle him up to soothe him if he’s fussy, but it takes him about 5 seconds to get his hands out.  Right now sucking on his hands is very soothing.  Now when I look at him while he’s sleeping he looks so much older with his arms stretched out and he is not all swaddled up like a tiny newborn.

Speaking of newborns…some friends at church recently had a baby girl and a few days ago I made a casserole and took it over to their house.  I got to hold their little girl who was 7 lbs 10 oz at the time and I was absolutely AMAZED at how small she was and I do NOT remember Jacob being that small.  It is crazy how easily you forget those early days. Even when those early days were only 11 weeks ago…

Jacob has been an absolute joy and entertains us every day with his smiles, recently he started sticking his tongue out at us.  He still hates doing tummy time, but we keep working on that.  He is becoming more and more aware of his surroundings.  While he is feeding if the dog shakes his collar or Justin says something or there is some other kind of noise he stops eating and his eyes are wide open trying to figure out what the noise is and where it is coming from. It has made feedings in a public place a bit of a challenge.

He still enjoys the occasional bottle from daddy too.


Happy St Patty’s Day

Our little Leprechaun is 10 weeks old today!

IMG_7771edWe made sure to wear green to church today.  Up to this point all of Jacob’s clothes have been all about daddy – Daddy’s Rockstar, Daddy’s All Star, I love Daddy, etc…He finally fits into one of his Mommy outfits!  If you can’t read it, it says, “My mom is cooler than your mom” 🙂

IMG_7735ed IMG_7745edHe was so alert and in such a giggly mood today so we kept snapping pictures.  It must be because he went 5 to 6 hours between feedings for the last 2 nights!  Which means this momma was more alert and giggly as well!

IMG_7784edAnd of course we had to get his St Patty’s Day bib out for a photo too!

IMG_7824ed IMG_7820edEnjoy your corned beef, cabbage and green beer!

The family he started

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my family recently lost my grandfather.  I talked about how my grandpa always used to say how blessed we were to have the family that we do.  I always replied to him that we had this family because of him (and grandma!) They both are an amazing example of the kind of people to be, how to treat others and how to live life.  My grandpa was part of the greatest generation that served our country and that alone made him a pretty remarkable person.  Some of the best memories I have of grandpa are from all of our travels together.  He was a planner and you could always count on him to have a detailed itinerary to follow and a video camera in hand.  We traveled Europe visiting relatives and learning about our family heritage, we took many RV trips around the United States and spent countless weekends boating at the river.  I’ll always remember grandpa’s hugs.  He would come up to me at any given time and give me a hug and tell me he loved me and that he was proud of me, not just for hello or goodbye, but just because.  On top of the hugs he would also randomly start massaging my shoulders, not because I asked him to, but just because he knew it felt good.  He did this to everyone in the family, he was a strong man with a huge heart for his loved ones.

The family got together the night before the funeral at my aunt and uncle’s house for a German feast.  My grandpa was born in Germany and we have always enjoyed family recipes of delicious German dishes.  It was hard since it was the first family gathering without grandpa, but in keeping with his passion for family it was exactly what he would have wanted.  On the other hand, it was also a fun night since Jacob got to meet the extended family for the first time! He has so many aunts, uncles & cousins who adore him and little cousins to run around with when he gets older.

IMG_7465IMG_7470IMG_7472 IMG_7469






















The next day was the service at the church my grandparents belonged to for years.  It was a really nice service filled with family and friends, some who we have not seen in a long time. IMG_7532The service was followed by a reception where we were able to visit with everyone.  It was so great hearing all the stories about grandpa and seeing all the people there who loved him.  Jacob was a trouper and let everyone pass him around and get their turn to hold him.

First up was Justin’s sister Stacey

IMG_7494Then my brother and his family
IMG_7504IMG_7503My parents with all 3 of their grandsons
IMG_7515My best friend Stacey
IMG_7523My cousin Mark has 2 little boys of his own, it has been a while since they were as little as Jacob

After the reception was the grave site burial.  The grandsons and the husbands of the granddaughters were the pallbearers.

IMG_7727 IMG_7736There was a beautiful flag presentation done by the Air Force.




It was a day of celebrating Grandpa and family.  Thank you Grandpa for the example you were, for creating this family, your hugs, massages and memories.  We love you and miss you.

9 weeks

Our baby boy is 9 weeks old!


We had his 2 month well child check up with his pediatrician last Thursday.
Here’s the run down:

  • He now weighs 12 lbs 13 oz (64th Percentile)
  • He’s 24 inches long (90th Percentile)
  • The circumference of his head is 15.25 inches (39th Percentile)
  • He got his shots and did cry while he was getting them but stopped right when the nurse finished.  He slept the rest of the day afterwards and didn’t even flinch when I took off his band aids the next morning. He handled it like a champ!
  • The doctor said that Jacob is now big enough to start sleeping through the night so we should start to see some improvement in that area.  He has been bouncing around these last few weeks going from 5 to 7.5 hours between feedings which was great!  But this past week he has been going 3 to 4 hours between feedings, which makes this mamma (and daddy) tired!  I am hoping this is a growth spurt and that we will get back on the 7.5 hour stretches soon. Any moms out there with advice?
  • Overall his pediatrician is very pleased with his progress and told us to keep up the good work! Jacob is in great shape!


Jacob is 8 weeks old…2 months!  Wow!

A friend of mine forwarded me a coupon for 16 x 20 canvas prints from Canvas on Demand for $40.  I couldn’t pass up on that deal! So I purchased 4 of them and uploaded some of Jacob’s newborn pictures.  They arrived last week and Justin hung them up in Jacob’s room.  I love the way they came out!


IMG_7424Later that day Justin and I were talking about what a great deal they were and how pleased we were with how they came out.  He said, “what are we going to do with them when he’s older and doesn’t want them in his room anymore?” I said “we can move them to another place in the house”, he replied with “well…I don’t want his little brother to get jealous!”  Implying that (1) we are having another boy when we have our second child and (2) we have set the bar pretty high with Jacob.  I gave him one of my famous looks.  Yes, I know we are setting the bar high with Jacob, he is our firstborn and we worked so hard for him and I am spoiling him.  That’s okay, I am his mom and I am allowed. It doesn’t mean I am not going to love our second child (boy or girl) just as much, besides Jacob could care less that his room is nicer than our bedroom or if he has four 16 x 20 canvas prints of himself on the wall, it’s really all for me!