5 Weeks

Jacob is 5 weeks old today!
5 wks - 7319

And he is doing great!  He’s been sleeping in his crib since 3 weeks and is now going 4.5 hours between feedings at night so mom gets about 3 hours during that stretch.  He’s currently going through a growth spurt and has had a few fussy days so we are hoping this passes soon.  We are getting a routine down with starting the day and going to bed at night, but his biggest obstacle is fighting sleep during his daytime naps, he doesn’t want to miss out on anything!  He continues to grow like crazy and no longer fits into most of his newborn clothes, we are moving up to the 0-3 month drawer.  Grandma was here for a few days this past week so Justin and I got a sushi date night and I was able to get a pedicure!  It was lovely!

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