Sweet little girl

A friend of mine emailed me a few months ago and told me that a colleague of his was about to have her first baby and was looking for a reasonable photographer to do some newborn pictures and asked me if I would be interested.  I was excited but at the same time nervous since this is kind of a big deal, I am still in the learning process and I didn’t want to mess up their precious newborn photos.  It is one thing to take casual family photos of your friends that can be redone at anytime, but the importance of something like wedding pictures, or the small window for those newborn photos is not something that can be redone. But practice makes perfect and the only way I am going to get practice outside the comfort zone of my friends and family is if I put myself out there.  So I decided to do it, but I was honest with her and told her that I am not skilled in editing that makes the baby’s skin perfectly smooth and creamy like porcelain, but I would be happy to do what I know for a reasonable price.  She agreed and we waited for her baby girl to arrive.  In the meantime I had to make a trip to Home Goods (poor me, I know) to get some props (among other things I really didn’t need, or maybe I did).  Shortly after I got an email that her little girl had arrived and we set a date.  They are such a nice couple and their little girl was so sweet and cuddly, I really enjoyed my time with them. Mom is a physician and dad is an engineer, so we did a tribute to all their hard work in school. Wonder what she will grow up to be?
I remember doing the same thing while studying all night during college
Whenever she would get a little fussy, dad came to the rescue and knew exactly how to calm her down. You can bet she has worked her magic on him and will enjoy being daddy’s little girl.

I love capturing the little details, like the ears, nose and especially the toes

Mom emailed me and told me that they love the pictures and will be wanting more on her 1st birthday.  It made me so happy (and relived) that they were pleased.  So I guess I can say I have my first official client!

5 thoughts on “Sweet little girl

  1. How beautiful! Shelley I just loved the pictures. It really takes heart and talent to do these photos. I can see why they would want you to do their 1st yr photos. Hope to find you feeling well. We think of you three everyday and very excited on lil man arriving soon:)

  2. What adorable pix…keep it up while you can! I guess we will have to learn how to download pix once the Frisco Man is born! Love to you 2+1

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