Down the drain

So it has been a pretty crazy week for us.  Scratch that, our lives are always pretty crazy and I know it’s only going to intensify in the years to come, let’s say it’s been unusual and expensive.  For the last few weeks we have been working on projects around the house and I will talk about all of that in another post, this post is specifically about the last 7 days.  My neighbor (who just bought the place about a month ago with his pregnant wife who is due the first part of November) knocked on my door and asked me if we were having any problems with water leaking (we share a wall).  I said no…all while racing through my brain to see if any of the projects we’ve been doing over the last few weeks could have affected the water pipes, still the answer was no.  He said there was water seeping into his garage where the wall and the floor meet which is also the wall we share.  So after looking around in his garage and checking out our garage which was completely dry, he called the HOA.  The HOA being the wonderfully helpful people they are (insert sarcasm) said that since it is within the walls it is the homeowners responsibility.  So our neighbor calls a plumber to come check it out.  The next day he tells me the plumber said he has a leak in his water main and shut off his water and will come back to fix it.  This brings us to last Monday…our neighbor calls and asks us if his plumber can look around in our garage on Tuesday morning to check things out.  Justin was having some problems with his car so we had already planned to drop his car off at the auto shop that morning, he was going to drive me in my car to work and then use my car for the day.  So we told him yes, the plumber could come in the morning before we left, he was scheduled to be here at 8:30 am.  We go to bed, around midnight a loud crash wakes Justin up, scares the dog so he jumps into our bed and I wake up.  Justin gets up to see what the crash was, turns out the shelving unit that was over the washer and dryer decided it had too much weight on it and choose that moment to collapse.  So half asleep we unload everything off the shelves and go back to bed.  I fall asleep pretty quickly but then wake up around 3:30 am since the TV is on, I look over and Justin is awake and starts talking about an earthquake that happened a few hours ago and “did I feel it?” Ummmm no, I was sleeping.  I guess it happened right as he was starting to fall back asleep and it jarred him awake again and that was it, he was up, watching TV. A few hours later we get ready for work and we’re sitting on the couch waiting for the plumber to come.  We started going though the mail we had on the table and saw a recall notice for our dishwasher, great another thing to fix.  8:30am rolls around…8:45…9:00…no plumber, and we need to get going. So we leave our garage clicker with our neighbor and drop Justin’s car off at the auto shop, he takes me to work then drives home to check on the status of the plumber before heading into the office.  When he gets home, the plumber had arrived, checked things out, blew air through the water main to see if he could detect the leak and determined that it is nothing on our side so he no longer needs access to our garage. Great! Justin walks back through our garage to leave for work and happens to glance over at our water heater (that was perfectly dry) on the opposite side of the garage and sees water leaking out.  He grabs the plumber next door and asks him about it.  The plumber says well it looks like the bottom of it is corroded and is leaking.  Is this a bizarre coincidence or is it a result of him blowing air through the water main?  We’ll never know… So Justin calls around to get some quotes and ends up having Bill Howe (…because we know HOWE...) come out to replace our water heater.  Which ends up costing us $1010 and Apollo decided to go into attack mode and bite the guy’s ankle, luckily he was wearing some heavy duty boots so no damage was done, but he was not too happy about it and almost left.  In the middle of all this the auto shop calls and says Justin’s radiator needs to be replaced (which was another $500) and the plumber digs up a hole outside of our neighbors garage that was filled with water.  Justin told him to stop since the leak was outside the walls it should be the HOA’s responsibility.   Being the awesome neighbor Justin is, he calls the HOA on our neighbors behalf and tells them they need to come out and look at this.  They tried to give him the “it’s within the walls, so it’s the homeowners responsibility” runaround and he (I’m sure very calmly) said “I am standing here looking at a hole filled with water OUTSIDE of the home”, they quickly sent someone out right away and agreed that it is their responsibility and would have their plumber out to fix it the next day.  So Justin basically saved our neighbor thousands of dollars he would have had to pay the other plumber.  After the new water heater was installed (which we now call Darth Vader since it is all black and shiny) Justin picked me up from work and we went to Dixieline to get some heavy duty anchors to rehang the shelving unit that collapsed, picked up his car and went home.  He never made it into his office.  So in 24 hours we had a shelving unit collapse, sleepless night complete with an earthquake, dishwasher recall, crazy dog, radiator & water heater replaced, dealing with plumbers, HOA, water leaks and $1500 down the drain.  It was a rough day…

The next day the HOA plumber comes out shuts off all the water on our street and finds the leak which ends up being underneath the foundation of our neighbors garage.  Poor people, they just bought the place!  Over the next few days the concrete is pulled up, the leak is fixed and concrete is re-poured.  Problem solved.

Over the weekend, Justin had a guys trip planned to Lake Mead and I was able to get some things done around the house and relax a bit.  Come Monday morning, we were feeling refreshed and ready to start a new week.  I had a good, productive day at work and came home to take Apollo on a nice long walk since I was feeling good.  I had the leash in one hand and my iPhone in the other.  I quickly learned that money is not the only thing that can go down the drain in a moments notice, as I was walking on the sidewalk, I dropped my phone and it bounced off the curb and into the storm drain. gone. In a matter of seconds.  I stopped and thought did that really just happen?  I couldn’t believe that of all the places along the sidewalk I could have dropped my phone and it would have landed in the street, it had to happen right by the storm drain.  After I realizing that it really did happen, at 25 weeks preggo, I am laying on the side of the curb looking down the storm drain (Apollo was helping me look too) to see if I could see my phone.  Nothing.  Then I thought to myself, even if I did see it, what are you going to do, it’s not like I am going to reach in there and fish it out along with all the other disgusting things that are down there and no matter how many sanitary wipes I would use to clean it I couldn’t bring myself to use it.  So I got up and stood there for a minute, thinking, hoping it would materialize somewhere.  My phone is gone.  The thing is it is so much more to me than just a phone, it is my life organizer, gone.  So we walk the rest of he way home and I am in shock, I don’t know if I should cry from frustration or laugh.  I ended up laughing.  When Justin got home we drove back to the storm drain and used his phone to call mine to see if we could hear it.  He even took the heavy metal manhole cover off and stuck his head down looking & listening for my phone, all the while I am telling him that even if he finds it there is no way I am going to use it after where it has been.  With no luck we took a trip to the Verizon store and they ordered me a new phone, luckily it was insured, but it still cost me $170. It should be here by the time I get home from work tomorrow.  If we can survive the last 7 days we’ve had I think I can survive 24 hours without a phone.

Yes, I know these things happen in life, but do they ALL have to happen in one week??? Thanks for listening to me vent, I hope you got a chuckle or two from my story, I know there will come a day when we can look back on this and laugh, but tonight somebody please have a glass of wine for me, I really need it!

And to all the whales and other sea life, I am really sorry I didn’t mean to dump my phone down the drain.

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